Subject: Factories

1. D. M. Ferry Co. 2. Windsor Pearl Button Co. 3. Windsor Paper Box Co. 4. White Machine Co. 5. Remington Arms Co. 6. Geo. H. Rundle And Son 7. Palmer Medical Co. 8. Heller-Aller Co. 9. Seely Mfg. Co. 10. Windsor Boiler Works 11. Kent Canning Co.
1. Dale Iron Works 2. McCord Manufacturing Co. 3. Kerr Engine Works 4. Tate Electric Works 5. Malleable Iron Works 6. Gramm Motor Works
1. Lufkin Rule Co. 2. Hupp Motor Car Co. 3. Canadian Postum Cereal Co. 4. Canadian Moloney Electric Co. 5. Windsor Machine And Tool Co.
1. McGregor Banwell Fence Co. 2. Anthony Wire Fence Co. 3. Walkerville Hardware Co. 4. Lake Erie Coal Co. Docks at Rondeau 5. Canadian-Detroit Lubricator Co.
1. National Spring And Wire Works 2. Penberthy Injector Co. 3. Canadian Roofing Co. 4. The J. H. Bishop Co.
1. Page Wire Fence Co. 2. Fisher Body Co. 3. Parke Davis And Co. 4. Peabody And Leather Label Overall Co.
1. Universal Car Agency 2. Leggett And Platt Spring Bed Co. 3. Horton Cato Co. 4. Fox Bros. And Co.
1650 Howard Avenue, Looking Southeast Towards Tecumseh Road, April 1954
A. Marshall Foundry
Administration Building Entrance, Passenger Car And Motor Plants, Chrysler Corporation Of Canada Limited, Windsor, Ontario
Aerial View Of The Ford Motor Company Factory, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Mich.
Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Mich. Windsor, Canada.
American Auto Trimming Company, Limited
Army, Navy, And Air Force Veterans Club, 1014 Tecumseh Road East, July 1959
Auto Specialties Manufacturing Company (Windsor)
Berry Bros.
Bird's Eye View Looking West, Windsor, Canada
Bird's Eye View Of Windsor, Ont.
Bird's Eye View, Windsor, Canada
Burlington-Windsor Blanket Company, Ltd.
Cadwell's Limited
Canadian Bridge Company, Walker Road Looking South, November 1950
Canadian Lamp And Stamping Company
Canadian Postum Cereal Company, Windsor, Ontario.
Canadian Salt Co. Chemical Plant. Sandwich
Canadian Salt Co. Salt Works. Windsor
Canadian Sirocco Co.
Canadian Sirocco Company, Ltd.
Canadian Winkley Company [Exterior]
Canadian Winkley Company [Interior]
Chrysler Corporation Of Canada, Plant 1, May 1959
Chrysler Corporation Of Canada, Windsor Plant 3 Interior 1, April 1954
Chrysler Corporation Of Canada, Windsor Plant 3 Interior 2, April 1954
Chrysler Corporation Of Canada, Windsor Plant 3 Interior 3, April 1954
Concrete Mixer At Ryan Builders Supplies, November 1952
Dominion Stamping Company
Factory Of The Ever-Ready Dress Stay Company : S. J. Bowling, Prop.
Ford Motor Co. Of Canada, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Ford Motor Co.'s Plant, Ford, Ont., Canada, Near Windsor
Ford Motor Co., Ford, Ont., Canada
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Plant
Ford Windsor Engine Plant And Parking Lot, November 1957
Frederick Stearns & Co. Of Canada, Ltd.
Functional Map Of Windsor, Ont. 1940
Gotfredson Limited, 650 Montreuil Avenue, August 1953
H. J. Heinz Co. Of Canada Ltd., Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Heinz Canning Factory, Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Bottling Building
Hiram Walker & Sons, Distillers, Millers, And Maltsters, Walkerville, Ont.
Home Offices And Laboratories Of Parke Davis And Co., Detroit, Mich., U.S.A.
Howard Avenue Between Tecumseh Road East and Hanna Street, Looking North, September 1950
Hupp Motor Car Company
Imperial Oil Company, Sarnia, Ont., Canada
Intersection Of Chatham Street East And Mercer Street, Looking East, February 1953
Intersection Of Glengarry Avenue And Wyandotte Street East, Looking South June 1953
Intersection Of Peter Street And Prince Road, Looking South, April 1951
Intersection Of Prince Road and Peter Street, Looking West, August 1951
Intersection Of Seminole Street And St. Luke Road, Looking North, October 1950
Intersection Of Walker Road And Tecumseh Road East, Looking North, April 1950
Intersection Of Wyandotte Street West And Crawford Avenue, Looking East, July 1956
John Piggott & Sons
Marshall Foundry, 940 Assumption Street, February 1958
Marshall Foundry, 940 Assumption Street, July 1955
Millionth Ford Made In Canada
Neal Baking Company Limited
Niagara Street At Walker Road, Looking East, April 1957
Part Of Factory District, Windsor, Canada
Peabody Bridge Looking West From Devonshire Road, February 1952
Peabody Bridge, Looking West From The Middle Of The Bridge, February 1952
Plant Of The Walkerville Malleable Iron Co., Limited
Railway Tracks And Parke Davis And Company Buildings
Ryan Builders Supplies, November 1952
Sabotage At The Peabody Building
Sandwich Street East Looking West, From Sterling Construction Company, February 1952
Sandwich Street East, Looking East From Sterling Construction Company, February 1952
Some Of The Factories Of The Border Cities, Windsor, Ont., Canada
St. Luke Road Looking South Towards The Essex Terminal Railway Tracks and Seminole Street, April 1961
St. Luke Road, Looking North, March 1951
Standard Paint And Varnish Co., Limited
Sterling Building Materials
Sterling Building Materials Aerial View
Sterling Construction Company Limited, Windsor, Ontario
Sterling Drug Manufacturing 1019 Elliott Street West, April 1957
Sterling Ready Mix Concrete Company
Sterling Ready Mix Concrete Company 2
Studebaker Corporation Of Canada, Limited
Sugar Factory, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Sugar Factory, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Swedish Crucible Steel Company
Tomato Arrival For Processing; The H. J. Heinz Co. In Background; Leamington, Ont., Canada
Trussed Concrete Steel Co.
Vollan's Mills
W. E. Seagrave And Co.
Walkerville Distillery Schedule Of Buildings Erected 1871-1872
Walkerville Waterfront 1909
Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. The Home Of "Canadian Club" Whisky. Distillery Offices, Malt Houses And Grain Elevator
Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. The Home Of "Canadian Club" Whisky. One Of The Bottling Rooms
Warehouses And Bottling Dept.: Hiram Walker And Sons Limited
Windsor Steam Laundry
Windsor Turned Goods Company, Ltd.
Windsor, Ont. Industrial Areas 1940
Wonder Bakeries Exterior 337 Salter Avenue July 1953
Wyandotte Street East At Montreuil Avenue, Looking West, May 1950