Subject: Ambassador Bridge (Windsor Detroit)

Aerial View Of The Ambassador Bridge Showing The Heavy Traffic, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Aerial View Of The Township Of Sandwich West Industrial Park
Ambassador Bridge
Ambassador Bridge And Assumption Church, Windsor, Canada
Ambassador Bridge and Park, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ambassador Bridge At Night About 1930
Ambassador Bridge At Night, Sandwich, Ont., Near Windsor, Ont.
Ambassador Bridge Between Detroit, U.S.A., and Windsor, Canada
Ambassador Bridge Canadian Customs And Immigration, October 1956
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Anchorage Grillage And Eyebars Before Placing Concrete
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Attaching The Floor System To The Suspender Ropes
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Cable Spinning Plant
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Cable Strands Attached To Anchorage
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Compacting The Separate Strands Into The Finished Cable
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Erection Of Main Towers
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Footwalks And Cable Spinning Equipment
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Laying Asphalt Surface
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Raising The First Footwalk Cable
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Top Of Main Tower Showing Four Completed Strands In Place In The Saddle Casting
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Wrapping The Completed Cable With A Protective Wire Covering
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction From The Roof Of Assumption Church
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, Canadian Side
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, From Waterfront
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, From Wyandotte Street Looking North
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, Looking North From London Street
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, Looking Northeast From Sandwich Street
Ambassador Bridge Windsor, Ont. Canada
Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Mich.
Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Mich. Windsor, Canada.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada To Detroit, U.S.A.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada to Detroit, U.S.A.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada to Detroit, U.S.A.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ont.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada [From Detroit Looking East]
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada [From Windsor Looking North]
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 17.
Assumption Church And The Ambassador Bridge Under Construction
Assumption Church Looking North
Assumption College And High School 1952
Assumption College Campus 1928
Belle Isle Bridge And Ambassador Bridge, Against Detroit's Skyline, Detroit, Mich.
Bird's Eye View Of Windsor, Ontario
Bridge Between Detroit and Windsor.
Building The Ambassador Bridge
Crossing Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Huron Church Road Approaching The Ambassador Bridge October 1956
Intersection Of Huron Line And College Avenue, Looking North, June 1952
Intersection Of London Street West And Bridge Avenue, Looking West, December 1950
Intersection Of University Avenue And Riverside Drive At Rosedale Avenue, Looking East September 1960
J.W. Westcott II - Mail Boat Detroit River, Michigan 48222
Laurier Hall And Vanier Hall Under Construction August 31st, 1968
Monarch Lucerne Sedan
Motor Traffic On The Ambassador Bridge Entering Canada, Windsor, Ontario, "Canada's Rose City"
Sinking Of The Montrose 1
Sinking Of The Montrose 2
Sinking Of The Montrose 3
Sleigh Riders
Storm On Campus Looking West 1996
Students In Silhouette Studying On The Third Floor Of Leddy West 2000
The Ambassador Bridge. Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Vanier Hall Under Construction May 1969
View Of South Campus Looking North
Windsor Police Annual Inspection On The Riverfront, Looking West, October 1958
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Windsor, Ontario. Ambassador Bridge. Detroit, Michigan