Chatham Golf and Country Club, Chatham, Ont., Canada
Chatham Hotel, Chatham, Ontario
City And County Offices, Harrison Bldgs., Chatham, Ont., Canada
City Hall, Chatham, Ont., Canada
Dominion Sugar Company, Chatham, Ontario
Erie Beach Auto Camp, Chatham, Ontario.
Fifth Street Bridge, Chatham, Ontario.
G.T.R. Station, Chatham, Ont., Canada
Garner House Property Of John Garner, Chatham, Ont.
Kent County Jail, Chatham, Ont., Canada
King St., Chatham, Canada
King St., Chatham, Canada.
King St., Chatham, Ontario, Canada
King St., Looking East, Chatham, Ont.
King Street East, Chatham, Canada.
King Street, Chatham, Ontario
Lions Res. Of R. M. M. Patton Esq., Druggist, Chatham Ont.
Mammoth Livery Gustin And Patterson Proprietors Chatham, Ont.
Market Place, Chatham, Ont.
McKeough School, Chatham
New Union Gas Head Office, Chatham, Ontario
O'Brien Bros. Tobacco Plantation And Curing Establishments, Chatham, Ont.
Res. Of Charles Terry, Con. 3, Lot 27, East Dover Tp., Ont.
Res. Of Wm Northwood Esq., Chatham, Ont.
Residence Of John Tassie Esq., Gore Of Chatham, Kent Co., Ont.
River Thames And Park Point, Chatham, Ont.
River Thames, Chatham, Canada.
River Thames, Chatham, Ont. Canada
Scanes Opera House, Chatham, Ont.
Scene On McGregor's Creek, Chatham Ont., Canada
St. Joseph's Hospital
Steamer Ossifrage, Chatham, Ont. Canada.
Sugar Beet Harvest, Chatham, Ontario
Sugar Storage Silos
Third St. Bridge, Chatham, Ont. Canada.
Third Street Bridge, Chatham, Ont., Canada
Thousand Islander Running Between Detroit, U.S.A., And Chatham, Ont., Canada.
Ursuline Convent, Chatham, Kent Co., Ont.
Ursuline Motherhouse, The Pines, Chatham, Ontario
Vocational School, Chatham, Ont., Canada
William Pitt Hotel, Chatham, Ontario, Canada