Scanes Opera House, Chatham, Ont.

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Scanes Opera House, Chatham, Ont.
Publisher: H. Belden & Co.
Date: 1882
Type(s): Illustration
Physical Description: b&w; 1973 reprint
Language: English
Source: Illustrated Historical Atlas of Essex and Kent, 1880-1881. Toronto : H. Belden & Co., [1882]. Page 71
Notes: Located on the north side of King Street, near the corner of King Street and Fourth Street; built in 1872; named after Ebenezer W. Scane, who purchased it in 1875; G. E. Kemp's Musical Instruments store can be seen bottom, right.
Subject(s): Scanes Opera House (Chatham)
King Street (Chatham)
Scane, Ebenezer W.
Kemp, G. E., Musical Instruments (Chatham)
Commercial Buildings
Place(s): Chatham (Ontario)
Rights: Public Domain
Repository: University of Windsor. Leddy Library
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