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Vanier Hall Under Construction January 31st, 1969
Vanier Hall Under Construction May 1969
Vendome Hotel
Veterans Memorial Building, Detroit, Michigan
Vezina Jewellers, 409 Ouellette Avenue, February 1961
Victoria Ave. Looking North Windsor, Ont.
Victoria Ave. Windsor, Canada
Victoria Ave., Windsor, Canada
Victoria Avenue Just South Of Ann Street
Victoria Avenue Looking North From Wyandotte Street
Victoria Avenue Public School: Class Photograph 1927
Victoria Avenue, Oxley, Ont.
Victoria Avenue, Windsor Canada, 1914
Victoria Avenue, Windsor, Canada
Victoria Avenue, Windsor, Canada
Victoria Avenue, Windsor, Canada, 1912
Victoria Avenue, Windsor, Canada.
Victoria Avenue, Windsor, Ont.
Victoria Road Looking South From Niagara, Walkerville, Ont.
Victoria, Windsor, Canada
Victory Bond Drive 1943
Victory Bond Drive Ford City
View At Sea Cliff Park, Leamington, Ont.
View From St. Anne's Church Steeple, 1920.
View From St. Anne's Church Steeple, 1920.
View From The Campus 1920
View From The Front Porch Of The Library 1967
View From The Tower Of Walkerville Fire Hall
View Of Bob Lo Island As Seen From The Top Deck Of The Steamer Ste. Claire
View Of Detroit
View Of Detroit From Windsor, Ontario.
View of Detroit, U.S.A. From Windsor, Canada
View of Ferry Landing, 1930
View Of Houses On Crawford Avenue From The Roof Of Wonder Bakeries July 1953
View Of Park, Walkerville, Ont.
View Of South Campus Looking North 1930
View of Tecumseh Road, Tecumseh, Ont., Can.
View On Devonshire Road, Walkerville, Canada
Views Of Windsor, Scene From The Ferry Dock 1899
Village Inn?
Vin Villa, Pelee Island, Canada
Visit Of 48th Highlanders (Toronto) To Walkerville
Visit Of Canadian Playwright James Reaney 1995
Visitor Reception Center, Fort Malden National Historic Park, Amherstburg, Ontario
Vocational School, Chatham, Ont., Canada
Vollan's Mills