Place: Kingsville (Ontario)

At Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary
Bird Sanctuary, Jack Miner's Home, Kingsville, Ontario
Boat Livery, Cedar Beach, Kingsville, Ont.
Busy Intersection In Kingsville, Ontario.
Canadian Steamer Pelee Islander
Canadian Steamer Pelee. A Daily Service Between Sandusky, Ohio And Canada's Vacationland
Casino At The Mettawas
Cedar Beach And Cedar Islands, Kingsville, Ont.
Cedar Creek, Kingsville, Ont.
Cedarhurst And Bridge, Cedar Beach Near Kingsville, Ontario.
Church Of England, Kingsville, Canada
Conklin's Hill, Kingsville, Ont.
Corner Main and Division Streets,Kingsville, Canada
Corner Of Main And Division Streets, Kingsville, Ont.
Creek And Cedar Island, Cedar Beach Near Kingsville, Ontario.
Dance Pavilion, Lakeside Park, Kingsville, Ont.
Division St. South, Kingsville-On-The-Lake, Canada.
Division St., Kingsville, Can.
Division Street North, Showing Brown And Wigle's Woollen Mills, Kingsville, Canada
Epworth Methodist Church, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Feeding The Birds At Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary
Harbor, Kingsville, Canada
Harbor, Kingsville, Ont.
Harbour, Kingsville, Ont.
Harbour, Kingsville, Ontario
Home of Jack Miner
Home of Jack Miner, Kingsville, Ontario
Hotel At The Mettawas
J. Miner's Wild Goose Ranch, Kingsville, Ontario
Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary
Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary At Kingsville, Near Windsor, Ont., Canada
Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary, Kingsville, Ontario.
Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Kingsville Lighthouse
Kingsville Summer School
Kingsville, Ontario
Kingsville, Ontario, Canada: Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary
Lagoon At Cedar Beach Near Kingsville, Ontario
Lake Erie And Walkerville Station
Lake Front, Kingsville, Ont.
Lakefront Cottage, Cedar Island Near Kingsville, Ontario.
Lighthouse Kingsville
Loyalist Log Cabin
Main Street, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Main Street, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
Map Of Gosfield Township 1882
Mettawas Casino, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Mettawas Hotel, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Motorboating At Cedar Beach, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Municipal Park And Board Walk, Kingsville, Ont.
Oldest Schooner On The Lake In Kingsville Harbor, Kingsville, Ont.
Panorama View Of Lakeshore Terrace Hotel, Kingsville, Ontario
Park At The Mettawas
Pelee Islander
Post Office, Kingsville, Ont. 1952
Post Office, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada 1939
Private Beach, Lakeshore Terrace Hotel, Kingsville, Ontario
Public School, During Fire Drill, Kingsville, Ont.
Residential Street, Kingsville, Ontario.
S.S. Pelee In Kingsville Dock
St. John De Brebeuf And Companions Church, Kingsville, Ontario
Steamer Pelee
Terrace Room
Terrace, Lakeshore Terrace Hotel, Kingsville, Ontario
Wild Geese On One Of Jack Miner's Ponds, At Kingsville, Ont., Canada