Date: 1940

Aerial View of Belle Isle, Detroit, Mich.
Aerial View Of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Aquarium At Belle Isle Park, Detroit, Michigan
Auto Specialties Manufacturing Company (Windsor)
Baby Park Camp, Windsor, Canada
Bathing Beach, Wheatley, Ont.
Belle Isle Bathing Beach And Bath House, Detroit, Mich.
Church Rectory South Side
City Of Windsor 1940
Construction Work At Hiram Walkers
Coronation Rose Garden
Detroit River And Canadian And American Shores From Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Downtown Windsor, Canada, Detroit River And City Of Detroit In Background
Edgewater Thomas Inn, Riverside, Ontario
Entrance To Tunnel, Detroit, Mich.
Essex County Railways 1940
Essex Dairies Limited, Essex, Ont.
Field Of Flue Tobacco Ready To Cut, Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Ford Rotunda, Administration Bldg., And The Rouge Plant, Near Detroit, Mich.
Functional Map Of Windsor, Ont. 1940
General Motors Building, Detroit, Michigan
Growth Of Population Of Detroit And Border Cities, 1840-1940
Hi Way Motel Court
Imperial Bank Of Canada Cheque
Inside The Lustre Cafe
Jerry Wilkinson, Baseball Player
Lloyd Wanless, Baseball Umpire
Main Street Looking West, Essex, Ontario, Canada.
Maine Street, Belle River, Ontario
Morphological Map Of Windsor, Ont. 1940
Number Of Stories Of Houses In Windsor, Ont. 1940
Omicron Chi
Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Canada, 1940
Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Canada, 1940
Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 1940
Poplar Grove, Colchester, Ont., Canada
Ravine, Colchester, Ont.
Ship Unloading Gravel at Sterling Gravel And Supplies
Size Of House Lots In Windsor, Ont. 1940
St. Mary's Academy Buildings
St. Mary's Academy, Windsor, Ontario, Canada 7, 1940
Steamer Pelee At Leamington Dock, Ontario, Canada
Sterling Construction Company Limited, Windsor, Ontario
Sterling Ready Mix Concrete Company
Sterling Ready Mix Concrete Company 2
Sterling Ready Mixers Lacrosse Team
Studebaker Champion Club Sedan; Studebaker Commander Cruising Sedan; Studebaker President Coupe
Sugar Bowl Softball Team
Talbot Street Looking East, Leamington, Ontario 1940
Talbot Street, Wheatley, Ontario, Canada
Tower, Holy Names College And St. Mary's Academy, Windsor
Tree At St. Joe's Orphanage, Windsor
Wheatley On The Lake, Ontario, Canada
William Pitt Hotel, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Windsor-Detroit Tunnel Plaza, Windsor, Ont.
Windsor, Ont. Commercial Areas 1940
Windsor, Ont. First And Third Class Residences 1940
Windsor, Ont. Industrial Areas 1940