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Along The River Near Chappell's
Artist's Painting Of New Auditorium Building
Assumption College 1875
Assumption Of The Future 1957
Assumption University Library Floor Plans 1958
Assumption's New Building
Auto Specialties Manufacturing Company (Windsor)
Bay View The Res. J. M. Soper Esq., Harwich T.P., Kent Co., Ont.
Biology Building
Bois Blanc Island Light And Old Indian Block House
Canadian Sirocco Co.
Church Of Our Lady Help Of Christians, Wallaceburg
Drilling The Awkward Squad
Elliott Mansion And Old Slave House Below Amherstburg
Fortified Barracks, Sandwich, In 1837-1838
French Windmill, Walkerville
Future Campus 1958
Garner House Property Of John Garner, Chatham, Ont.
Growth Of Population Of Detroit And Border Cities, 1840-1940
Hiram Walker & Sons, Distillers, Millers, And Maltsters, Walkerville, Ont.
Hiram Walker Engraving
Home Offices And Laboratories Of Parke Davis And Co., Detroit, Mich., U.S.A.
Interior Of St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor, Ont.
J & J Dougall Store
Lake Erie Steamboat Western World, 1854
Lions Res. Of R. M. M. Patton Esq., Druggist, Chatham Ont.
Mammoth Livery Gustin And Patterson Proprietors Chatham, Ont.
Market Place, Chatham, Ont.
Men And Women Of Kent County
Men Of Essex County
Men Of Essex County 2
Men Of Kent County
Men Of Kent County 2
Men Of Kent County 3
Men Of Kent County 4
Men Of Kent County 5
Merloray Building
Mouth Of Detroit River Bois Blanc Island And Light
Mrs. Susanna Wigle, Deceased; John Wigle, Deceased; Mrs. Michael Owen
Near Chappell's Petite Cote
Near Sandwich, Ont.
Oldest House In Sandwich
Original Drawings Of Carvings And Reredos
Original Drawings Of The End Of The Choir Pews
Proposed Main Floor Plan Of Auditorium Building. Interior
Res. Of Charles Terry, Con. 3, Lot 27, East Dover Tp., Ont.
Res. Of D. S. Denhardt Esq. Genl Fire And Life Insurance Agent, Lot 9, Con. 14, Chatham T.P., Kent Co., Ont.
Res. Of Geo. Adams Esq., Carriage Maker, Dresden, Kent Co., Ont.
Res. Of George Green Esq., Con. 5, Lots 18 & 19, Chatham Tp. Kent Co., Ont.
Res. Of Jas. Buller Esq.
Res. Of Wm Northwood Esq., Chatham, Ont.
Residence And Mill Of C. T. Prangley Esq., Lot 3, Con 7, Camden T.P., Kent Co., Ont.
Residence And Property Of Wm Bradley, Near Dresden, Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of H. Maclachlin Esq., Camden Tp., Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of John Tassie Esq., Gore Of Chatham, Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of John White, Banker, Ex Reeve Of Ridgetown, Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of Joseph Montgomery
Residence Of Peter McKerrall, Esq.
Rough Map Showing Extent Of Assumption College Property And Location Of Present Buildings 1945
Royal Windsor Ramp Garage
Scanes Opera House, Chatham, Ont.
St. Denis Hall
St. John's Church Interior
St. Mary's Academy Buildings
St. Mary's Academy, Windsor, Ontario, 1881
St. Michael's Hall
Sterling Construction Company Limited, Windsor, Ontario
University Library. Assumption University of Windsor 1958
Ursuline Convent, Chatham, Kent Co., Ont.
Walkerville Distillery Schedule Of Buildings Erected 1871-1872
Western District Grammar School