Date: 1909

A. H. Hebert Gents Furnishings
Baby Mansion
Band Of Walpole Indians
Bathing Beach, Bob-lo, Bois Blanc Island, Detroit River
Beaver House
Car No. 104
Casgrain Homestead
Casino, Belle Isle
Chappell House, Sandwich, Canada
Chippewa Street, Sandwich
Church Of England, Kingsville, Canada
Colonel Arthur Rankin Homestead
Colonel John A. Wilkinson Homestead
Country Club, Walkerville, Canada
Cowan Homestead
Detroit, Mich. Panoram, Towards Windsor, Canada.
Dominion Fish Hatchery
Dominion House
Driving Park, Windsor, Canada
Editors Of The Review 1908-1909
Fort View House
Hands Homestead
High Banks, Oxley, Ont.
J. H. Bishop Fur Company's Buildings
King Street East, Chatham, Canada.
Lagoon Canal, Sandwich, Canada, Near Windsor
Lagoon Park Hotel
M. C. R. Station, Essex, Ont.
Main Street, Wheatley, Ont.
Marentette Homestead
McKee Block
McKeough School, Chatham
Methodist Church, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church
Mill Street Looking East From The Intersection Of Peter Street, Sandwich
Mission Pear Tree
Moy House
Mr. And Mrs. Robert F. Hurst
Mrs. Antoine Bondy
Mrs. Pierre Gignac
Mrs. Thomas Bondy
New Post Office And Federal Building, Sandwich, Ont., Canada
Oak Ridge Golf Links Club House, Sandwich, Ont.
Penobscot Building, Detroit, Mich.
Post Office, Windsor, Canada
R. C. Church, Belle River, Ont.
Residence Of Israel J. Splitlog
Sandwich Branch No. 20 Of The Canadian Canneries Limited
Sandwich Plant Of The Pittsburgh Coal Co., Sandwich, Ont.
St. Clair Tunnel, Sarnia, Canada. The Longest Submarine Tunnel In The World
St. Francis Roman Catholic Separate School
St. Mary's Academy, Windsor, Canada, 1909
Steamer "Britannia" On The River, Detroit, Mich.
Steamer "Britannia" On The River, Detroit, Mich.
Steamer Ossifrage, Chatham, Ont. Canada.
Steel Excursion Steamer Columbia, Bob-lo, Route, Detroit River.
Vendome Hotel
Walker Sons Tobacco Farm Ready To Fitt The Land
Walkerville 1909
Walkerville Waterfront 1909
Water Front, Detroit, Mich.
William G. Hall Residence
Windsor Collegiate Institute Boys Basketball Champs 1908-1909
Yachting On Great Lakes