Place: Wallaceburg (Ontario)

Aerial View Of Wallaceburg Ontario, Canada
Aeroplane View Of the Dominion Glass SOS Plant, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Aeroplane View Of Wallaceburg, Ont.
Bird's Eye View Of Wallaceburg, Ont.
Bowling Green, Wallaceburg, Canada
Central Bridge, Wallaceburg, Canada
Central Bridge, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Central Bridge, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Central Bridge, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Central Bridge, Wallaceburg.
Church Of Our Lady Help Of Christians, Wallaceburg
Dominion Beet Sugar Factory, Wallaceburg, Canada
Dominion Glass Company, Ltd., Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada.
Duncan Street, Wallaceburg, Canada
Ferry Across The Snye River To Walpole Island From The Mainland Near Beautiful Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
Fidler's Green Marina
Filtration Plant, Wallaceburg
First Baptist Church, Wallaceburg, Canada
First Presbyterian Church, Wallaceburg, Canada
Glass Works, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Glass Works, Wallaceburg, Ontario
H. J. Heinz Co., Wallaceburg, Ontario
H.M.C.S. Wallaceburg
High Banks Near Wallaceburg, Ont.
Houseboat On Sydenham River, Wallaceburg, Ont. Canada
James Street, Looking East, Wallaceburg, Ont., Canada
James Street, Wallaceburg, Canada
James Street, Wallaceburg, Ont. Canada
Library Park Bridge, Wallaceburg, Can.
Library Park, Wallaceburg, Canada
Lord Selkirk Bridge, Wallaceburg
Lord Selkirk Bridge, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
Map Of Chatham Township 1882
Methodist Church, Wallaceburg, Canada
North Side Schools, Wallaceburg, Canada
One Of Libby's Many Modern Plants, Wallaceburg, Ontario
Palms And Catholic Church, Wallaceburg, Canada
Pleasure Boats On The Sydenham River
Residence Of John Tassie Esq., Gore Of Chatham, Kent Co., Ont.
River Scene, Wallaceburg, Ont.
River Sydenham, Wallaceburg, Canada
River Sydenham, Wallaceburg, Canada
River Sydenham, Wallaceburg, Ont.
River View, Wallaceburg, Ont.
River View, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada.
River View, Wallaceburg, Ontario.
S. S. Rapids King, Wallaceburg, Canada
Scene on the Sydenham River, Wallaceburg, Ont., Canada
Selkirk Bridge, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada.
Steamer Claremont At The Do. Sugar Co. Plant, Wallaceburg, Ontario
Str. Conger, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Street Scene, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
Sugar Factory, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Sugar Factory, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Swing Bridge And River, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Ursuline Convent, Wallaceburg, Canada
Wallaceburg Dominion Sugar Factory
Wallaceburg School Building
Wallaceburg, Ontario
Wallaceburg, Ontario. Canada's Only Inland Deep Water Port.