Creator(s): Gardner, H. W.

1. British-American Hotel 2. International Hotel 3. Dominion Bank 4. Canadian Bank of Commerce
1. C. C. Ambery 2. H. A. Springle 3. S. C. Robinson 4. Dr. C. W. Hoare
1. Canadian Bank Of Commerce 2. Merchants Bank Of Canada 3. The Home Bank Of Canada 4. King Edward School 5. Walker Power Building 6. St. Edward's Separate School
1. D. M. Ferry Co. 2. Windsor Pearl Button Co. 3. Windsor Paper Box Co. 4. White Machine Co. 5. Remington Arms Co. 6. Geo. H. Rundle And Son 7. Palmer Medical Co. 8. Heller-Aller Co. 9. Seely Mfg. Co. 10. Windsor Boiler Works 11. Kent Canning Co.
1. Dale Iron Works 2. McCord Manufacturing Co. 3. Kerr Engine Works 4. Tate Electric Works 5. Malleable Iron Works 6. Gramm Motor Works
1. Davis Block 2. Bell Telephone Bldg 3. Manning Block 4. Victoria Block And Imperial Bank 5. Curry Hall Bldg 6. Labelle Block
1. E. G. Henderson 2. A. D. Bowlby 3. H. E. Guppy 4. Dr. P. A. Dewar (Right) C. W. Cadwell (Left) 5. W. C. Kennedy
1. Grand Trunk Railway Transport 2. The Armories 3. M. C. R. Tunnel 4. C. P. R. Depot
1. Grinnell Brothers 2. Geo. R. White And Son 3. McLean Lumber Co. 4. Windsor Auto Sales Agency
1. Harrington E. Walker 2. E. C. Walker 3. Hiram H. Walker 4. Harry Dingwall
1. Hotel Dieu 2. Collegiate Institute 3. City Hall 4. Home For The Friendless
1. Lincoln Road Methodist 2. Lady Of Lake St. Clair, R. C. At Ford 3. St. Anne, R. C. 4. Presbyterian
1. Lufkin Rule Co. 2. Hupp Motor Car Co. 3. Canadian Postum Cereal Co. 4. Canadian Moloney Electric Co. 5. Windsor Machine And Tool Co.
1. McGregor Banwell Fence Co. 2. Anthony Wire Fence Co. 3. Walkerville Hardware Co. 4. Lake Erie Coal Co. Docks at Rondeau 5. Canadian-Detroit Lubricator Co.
1. National Spring And Wire Works 2. Penberthy Injector Co. 3. Canadian Roofing Co. 4. The J. H. Bishop Co.
1. Page Wire Fence Co. 2. Fisher Body Co. 3. Parke Davis And Co. 4. Peabody And Leather Label Overall Co.
1. R. Weber's Bakery 2. H. H. Parsons Realty Co. 3. Windsor Truck And Storage Co. 4. Thompson Bros.
1. Robert Henkel 2. E. L. Thompson 3. Walter L. McGregor 4. J. Henry H. Ling
1. S. A. Griggs 2. Chas. S. King 3. Chas T. Miller 4. H. B. Parsons
1. Universal Car Agency 2. Leggett And Platt Spring Bed Co. 3. Horton Cato Co. 4. Fox Bros. And Co.
1. W. J. McKee 2. W. J. Burns 3. J. A. McKay 4. Soper & Dupuis Real Estate Office
A. Marshall Foundry
American Auto Trimming Company, Limited
Berry Bros.
British-American Brewing Company, Limited [Exterior]
British-American Brewing Company, Limited [Interior]
Burlington-Windsor Blanket Company, Ltd.
Cadwell's Limited
Canadian Bridge Company
Canadian Lamp And Stamping Company
Canadian Salt Co. Chemical Plant. Sandwich
Canadian Salt Co. Salt Works. Windsor
Canadian Sirocco Co.
Canadian Sirocco Company, Ltd.
Canadian Winkley Company [Exterior]
Canadian Winkley Company [Interior]
Churches 1. Immaculate Conception 2. First Baptist 3. All Saints 4. London St. Methodist 5. Bruce Ave. Baptist 6. St. Andrew's Presbyterian 7. Church Of The Ascension 8. Jewish Synagogue 9. St. Alphonsus 10. Central Methodist 11. Ontario Chapel (African)
City Market
Corner Of St. Mary's Gate And Kildare Road; Riverside Park
Devonshire Road, Looking North; Walkerville Country Club
Devonshire Road, Looking South; Kildare Road, Looking North
Dominion Paint Works, Limited
Dominion Stamping Company
Essex Terminal Railway 1913
Ford Motor Company
Frederick Stearns & Co. Of Canada, Ltd.
George C. Haugh
George C. Haugh Lumber Yard
Gundy And Gundy 1913
Hupp Motor Car Company
Janisse Realty Company [Exterior]
Janisse Realty Company [Interior]
John Piggott & Sons
Map Showing Position Of Windsor And Environs 1913
Neal Baking Company Limited
Office Building: Hiram Walker And Sons Limited
Osterhout And Little
Ouellette Avenue Looking North From Sandwich Street Towards Detroit Ferry, 1913
Ouellette Avenue Looking South From Sandwich Street, 1913
Panorama Of Windsor Water Front
Public Library
Public Schools 1. Dougall Ave. 2. Tuscarora St. 3. Park St. 4. Cameron Ave. 5. Assumption St. 6. Louis Ave. 7. Mercer St.
R. M. Morton & Co.
Record Building
Royal Bank of Canada, Windsor
Sandwich Schools And Churches 1. Assumption College 2. Church Of The Assumption 3. St. John's Episcopal Church 4. Public School 5. Sandwich Methodist Church 6. St. Francis Separate School
Sandwich Street Looking East From Ouellette Avenue, 1913
Sandwich Street Looking West From Ouellette Avenue, 1913
Sandwich Views 1. Teachers' Training School 2. Sandwich Golf Club 3. Post Office 4. Court House 5. Town Hall
Sandwich, Windsor, And Amherstburg Railway
Scenes At "Bob-Lo" Reached By The Detroit And Windsor Ferry Co. Steamers
Separate Schools 1. St. Edmunds 2. Sacred Heart 3. St. Alphonsus 4. St. Francis
St. Mary's Academy, 1913
St. Mary's Church
Standard Paint And Varnish Co., Limited
Studebaker Corporation Of Canada, Limited
Swedish Crucible Steel Company
Trussed Concrete Steel Co.
Victoria Avenue Just South Of Ann Street
Victoria Avenue Looking North From Wyandotte Street
W. E. Seagrave And Co.
W. M. Walker
Walkerville Boat Club
Walkerville Brewing Company Limited
Walkerville Fire Hall
Warehouses And Bottling Dept.: Hiram Walker And Sons Limited
Windsor Exchange Of The Bell Telephone Company
Windsor Gas Company, Limited [Exterior]
Windsor Gas Company, Limited [Interior]
Windsor Race Track, Summer Meeting, 1913
Windsor Residences 1. Hedley V. Taylor 2. Gordon M. McGregor 3. J. A. Straith 4. Rev. J. C. Tolmie
Windsor Residences 1. W. Boug 2. A. L. Irion 3. Geo. Mair 4. John R. Boyd
Windsor Steam Laundry
Windsor Turned Goods Company, Ltd.
Wolf's Hotel
Wyandotte Street, Looking West