Subject: Ford Motor Company (Detroit)

At The End Of The Assembly Line
Craneway In New 6-Story Building, Showing Loading Platforms
Crankshaft Grinding Department
Eagle Boats Under Construction, Ford Shipyards.
Factory Hospital Is Equipped To Render Service In Any Emergency
Final Assembly Line
Ford English School On Factory Lawn
Ford Motor Band Of 56 Pieces
Ford Motor Co., Detroit, Mich.
Ford Motor Co., Fordson Plant, Lincoln Motor Co.
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company Factory Plan
Ford Motor Company Has Its Own Moving Picture Plant
Ford Motor Company Interesting Figures 1903-1917
Ford Motor Company's Employees
Ford Motor Plant And A Single Day's Output
Ford Motors Receive A Thorough Test On The Electric Blocks
Ford Rotunda
Ford Rotunda, Administration Bldg., And The Rouge Plant, Near Detroit, Mich.
Garage, Where Cars Remain All Day In Safety
Largest Direct Current Control Board In The World In The Ford Power House
Lobby Of Administration Building Showing Information Desk At The Right
Main Craneway, Showing Storage Of Over $1,000,000 Worth Of Stock
Moving Conveyors Hasten The Motor Assembly
New Ford Power House
One Thousand Assembled Ford Chassis, Once A Record Output
Piston Machining Department
President Wilson Speaking To 20,000 Ford Employees
Pressed Steel Department Where Small Parts Are Made
Quenching Steel Forgings In The Furnace Room
Rouge Plant Docks, Ford Motor Company
Setting The Motor During The Final Assembly
Six Thousand Horse Power Gas Steam Engine
There Are Two Miles Of Overhead Monorail Track In The Ford Factory