Date: 1928

Aerial View Detroit, Mich.
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Anchorage Grillage And Eyebars Before Placing Concrete
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Cable Spinning Plant
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Compacting The Separate Strands Into The Finished Cable
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Erection Of Main Towers
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Footwalks And Cable Spinning Equipment
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Raising The First Footwalk Cable
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Top Of Main Tower Showing Four Completed Strands In Place In The Saddle Casting
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction From The Roof Of Assumption Church
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, Canadian Side
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, From Waterfront
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, From Wyandotte Street Looking North
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, Looking North From London Street
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, Looking Northeast From Sandwich Street
Assumption College Campus 1928
Assumption College Campus And Assumption Church 1928
Assumption College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1928
Assumption College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada-16. 1928
Automobile Stolen
Building The Ambassador Bridge
C.P.R. Depot, Windsor, Can.
Carnegie Public Library, Leamington, Ont., Canada
Detroit And Windsor Ferry Co's Dock, At Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1928
Devonshire Race Track, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Dillon Hall And St. Denis Hall
Eglise St. Jude, Belle Riviere, Ont.
Ferry Hill, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1928
Gang On The Library Steps 1928
I Am Waiting To Get Mine
Interior Of Dance Pavilion, Bob-Lo Island Park, Canada
Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary At Kingsville, Near Windsor, Ont., Canada
Lake Front, Kingsville, Ont.
New Conveyor System, Heinz Factory, Leamington, Ont.
Ouellette Ave. Looking South From Post Office, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1928
Ouellette Avenue, Looking North, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1928
Paramount Cafeteria, Paramount Building, Windsor, Canada
Point Pelee View, Leamington, Ont.
Post Office, Leamington, Ontario
Purple And White Staff 1927-1928
Royal Windsor Ramp Garage
Security Office Bldg., Windsor, Can.
Shirley Baillargon Aged About 3 Years At Pike Creek
Soup Kitchen
Sunnyside Hotel, LaSalle, Ont.
Talbot Street, Looking East, Leamington, Ontario 1928
Walkerville Baptist Choir, 1928
War Memorial, Windsor, Can.
Western Junior Champions And Ontario Champions 1928 Walkerville Chicklets
Wild Geese On One Of Jack Miner's Ponds, At Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Windsor Collegiate Alumni Basketball Team
Windsor Collegiate Alumni Basketball Team At Station