Hiram Walker And Sons U.S. Army K-Rations

Hiram Walker And Sons U.S. Army K-Rations
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b&w; 22x15 cm
Photograph of a display about U.S. Army K-Rations produced by Hiram Walker & Sons Inc.; from 1944-1945 the Hiram Walker plant in Peoria, Illinois was converted to make K-Rations; on the left-hand side, items from the breakfast, dinner, and supper rations are displayed; centre background: "U.S. Army K-Rations Packed By Hiram Walker & Sons Inc. Hiram Walker helps to feed men at front. During the past year, Hiram Walker packed more than forty-eight million K-Ration "meals". Shipped in freight cars, this would form a train over six miles long. If the packages were placed end to end, they would extend from Peoria to Berlin. The food is of the highest quality and if necessary would provide ample nourishment for months at a time in any climate."; on the right-hand side: "Hiram Walker's distilling facilities are engaged 100% in production of war alcohol. Alcohol is a most important material in modern warfare and enters into the manufacture of hundreds of military and essential civilian products."
Hiram Walker And Sons Limited (Walkerville)
Hiram Walker And Sons Limited (Peoria, Illinois)
World War II
K Rations
Walkerville (Ontario)
Peoria (Illinois)
Windsor (Ontario)
Public Domain
University of Windsor. Leddy Library
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