Holy Rosary Separate School, Ford, Ont.

Holy Rosary Separate School, Ford, Ont.
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Mike Skreptak Collection; Red Binder
Postmarked 1929; addressed to Mrs. J.W. James; "In May 1922, a modern six-room school known as Holy Rosary was built on [1168] Drouillard Road and was ready for occupancy the following February. In the spring of 1923, just a year later, six more rooms were added to this school. This twelve-room structure afforded accommodation for the pupils of that district for the two succeeding years only; to relieve the overcrowded classes the three-roomed bungalow was moved from Cadillac Street to the grounds of Holy Rosary School, thus providing fifteen class rooms for the opening of school in September, 1924. Pupils and teachers alike were seioulsly handicapped in these temporary quarters, so the Board, always sympathetic and progressive, promptly determined to enlarge Holy Rosary and again added six new rooms which were ready in November, 1927. The present [1929] building with its 18, well-equipped classrooms, dental clinic and auditorium - while it boasts of no extravagant expenditure, provides all that is necessary for the imparting of a liberal education to the 823 pupils now enrolled." (The City of East Windsor, 1929, pages 64 and 73); in 1971, the 1922 building and extensions were demolished. For a year or so, Holy Rosary School relocated to the Desmarais Separate School building on 10715 Eastcourt Drive, before moving back to the new Holy Rosary Educational and Recreational Centre building on 1168 Drouillard Road. This later became the Gino and Liz Marcus Community Complex.
Holy Rosary Separate School (Windsor)
Drouillard Road (Windsor)
Desmarais, L. A. Catholic School (Windsor)
Gino And Liz Marcus Community Complex (Windsor)
Holy Rosary Educational And Recreational Centre (Windsor)
Ford City (Ontario)
Windsor (Ontario)
Public Domain
University of Windsor. Leddy Library
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