Artist's Painting Of New Auditorium Building
Assumption College Development Plan 1949
Assumption Of The Future 1957
Assumption University Library Floor Plans 1958
Bookstore University Of Windsor And Campus Map 2000
Chatham 1882
City Of Windsor 1940
Commercial Core Of Windsor 1871
County Of Essex 1879
County Of Essex 1882
Cross The Border By Auto Tunnel 1955
Essex County 1930
Essex County Railways 1940
Essex Terminal Railway 1913
Ford Motor Company Factory Plan
Functional Map Of Windsor, Ont. 1940
Future Campus 1958
Gundy And Gundy 1913
Main Campus University of Windsor 1967
Map Of Camden Township 1882
Map Of Chatham Township 1882
Map Of East And West Dover Township 1882
Map Of East And West Sandwich Townships. Map Of Anderdon Township 1882
Map Of East Tilbury Township 1882
Map Of Gosfield Township 1882
Map Of Harwich Township 1882
Map Of Howard Township 1882
Map Of Maidstone Township 1882
Map Of Mersea Township 1882
Map Of Orford Township 1882
Map Of Raleigh Township 1882
Map Of Rochester Township. Pelee Island 1882
Map Of Romney Township. Map Of Zone Township 1882
Map Of The County Of Kent, Ontario 1882
Map Of The Town Of Sarnia 1911
Map Of Tilbury West Township 1882
Map Of Townships North And South Colchester 1882
Map Of University Of Windsor 1979
Map Showing Position Of Windsor And Environs 1913
Morphological Map Of Windsor, Ont. 1940
Number Of Stories Of Houses In Windsor, Ont. 1940
Original Development, 800 Block, Argyle And Devonshire Roads 1913
Original Plan Of Assumption College
Plan Of The Townships Of Sandwich West, East, And South 1905
Proposed Main Floor Plan Of Auditorium Building. Interior
Richmond, Later Windsor 1835
Rough Map Showing Extent Of Assumption College Property And Location Of Present Buildings 1945
Sandwich And Windsor 1879
Size Of House Lots In Windsor, Ont. 1940
This Year At U.W. 1963
Town Of Windsor. Sandwich 1882
University Of Windsor Campus Map 2017
University Of Windsor Campus Map 2018
University Of Windsor Campus Map 2019 April
University of Windsor Campus Map April 1996
University Of Windsor Main Campus Map 2012
Walkerville Distillery Schedule Of Buildings Erected 1871-1872
Walkerville Ontario 1884
Welcome to Canada
West Pike Creek Range In The Village Of St. Clair Beach, County Of Essex
Windsor Map 1944-1945
Windsor, Ont. 1876 And Windsor, Ont. 1872
Windsor, Ont. 1885
Windsor, Ont. 1896
Windsor, Ont. Building Construction 1935-1941
Windsor, Ont. Commercial Areas 1940
Windsor, Ont. First And Third Class Residences 1940
Windsor, Ont. Industrial Areas 1940
Windsor, Ward 1, November 1957