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R. M. Morton & Co.
Race Track, Windsor, Canada
Radio Equipped Motorcycle At Police Headquarters, Exterior 1, August 1954
Radio Equipped Motorcycle At Police Headquarters, Exterior 2, August 1954
Raffle For One
Raffle Ticket For All Expense Trip To The King's Coronation
Railway Tracks And Parke Davis And Company Buildings
Rapids King Steamship
Ravine, Oxley, Ont.
Ready To Cast-Off U.S. Marine Postal Service, Detroit River
Rear View Of Cathedral And Bishop's Palace, Sandwich
Record Building
Red Cross Building, London
Reference And Periodicals Reading Room
Reference Collection 2000
Reference Help Centre 1993
Reference Help Centre 2000
Reference Library 1930
Replacing The Wooden Sidewalks In Belle River
Res. Of Charles Terry, Con. 3, Lot 27, East Dover Tp., Ont.
Res. Of D. S. Denhardt Esq. Genl Fire And Life Insurance Agent, Lot 9, Con. 14, Chatham T.P., Kent Co., Ont.
Res. Of Geo. Adams Esq., Carriage Maker, Dresden, Kent Co., Ont.
Res. Of George Green Esq., Con. 5, Lots 18 & 19, Chatham Tp. Kent Co., Ont.
Res. Of Jas. Buller Esq.
Res. Of Wm Northwood Esq., Chatham, Ont.
Reserve Reading Room 1992
Residence And Mill Of C. T. Prangley Esq., Lot 3, Con 7, Camden T.P., Kent Co., Ont.
Residence And Property Of Wm Bradley, Near Dresden, Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of H. Maclachlin Esq., Camden Tp., Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of J. E. D'Avignon, Esq., Victoria Ave., Windsor; Residence Of John Davis, Esq., Windsor
Residence Of John Tassie Esq., Gore Of Chatham, Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of John White, Banker, Ex Reeve Of Ridgetown, Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of Joseph Montgomery
Residence Of Mr. E. C. Walker
Residence Of Peter McKerrall, Esq.
Residence Of W. M. Robins, Esq., Walkerville; Residence of Thos. Reid, Esq., Walkerville
Rev. Clarence Foreman
Rev. H. M. Lang-Ford
Rev. H. M. Lang-Ford 2
Reverend Austin Edwards DuPlan
Reverend Clarence Wardlaw Foreman
Reverend Frank Cuthbert McRitchie
Reverend McRitchie Reading The Bible
Richmond St., Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Richmond, Later Windsor 1835
Right Reverend Maurice S. Baldwin, D. D., Third Bishop Of Huron
River Scene, Wallaceburg, Can.
River Thames, Chatham, Ont. Canada
Road to Belle River, Ont.
Road To Tecumseh Town
Roller Skating Rink, Bob-Lo Island Park, Canada
Roman Catholic Churches Of The Border Cities, Ont., Canada
Ronald Morand And Charles Lee
Rose Garden, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Rosedale Avenue Looking Northeast Towards The Intersection Of University Avenue And Riverside Drive September 1960
Rotunda, Dillon Hall, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Routley's Motor Court
Routley's Motor Court - Highway 2 at Walker Rd., Windsor, Canada
Royal Athletic Club Baseball Team
Royal Bank of Canada, Windsor
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters October 1956
Royal Tour In Windsor
Royal Visit To Windsor, 1959
Royal Windsor Garage, 334-364 Dougall Avenue, December 1952
Royal Windsor Garage, 334-364 Dougall Avenue, January 1950
Rugby Team 1930
Rum Running On Pike Creek
Russell Street, Leamington, Ont.
Ryan Builders Supplies, November 1952