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CMHC Wartime Housing Project. Windsor Across From General Hospital
M. C. R. Station, Essex, Ont.
M.C.R. Depot, Essex, Ont.
M.C.R. Reservoir, South Woodslee
M.C.R. Station, Essex, Ont.
Mabel Matilda Lloyd
MacCuaig Jewellery Company, 2030 Wyandotte Street West, July 1955
Madrid Motor Hotel
Maguire's Drug Store, Exterior, 401 Shepherd Street West, March 1959
Maguire's Drug Store, Interior, 401 Shepherd Street West, March 1959
Maguire's Drug Store, Interior, 401 Shepherd Street West, March 1959
Mai Mai Tavern Cantonese Cuisine And Steak House
Mailmen At Walkerville Post Office
Main Campus University of Windsor 1967
Main Corridor
Main Craneway, Showing Storage Of Over $1,000,000 Worth Of Stock
Main Intersection, Leamington, Ontario, Canada.
Main Lounge, Cody Hall, University of Windsor
Main Offices, Hiram Walker And Son, Walkerville, Ont.
Main St. Essex Ont.
Main St., Looking South, Tilbury, Ont.
Main St., Looking West, Tecumseh, Ont.
Main Street And Highway No. 3, Essex, Ontario, Canada.
Main Street From Church Street, Looking West. Belle River, Ont.
Main Street Looking West, Essex, Ontario, Canada.
Main Street of Blenheim, Ontario, Canada.
Main Street Rue Principale, Belle River, Ont., Canada
Main Street Woodslee
Main Street, Belle River, Ontario, Canada
Main Street, Essex, Ont.
Main Street, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Main Street, Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
Main Street, Ridgetown, Ont.
Main Street, Wheatley, Ont.
Maine Street, Belle River, Ont., Canada
Maine Street, Belle River, Ontario
Maisoneau Mill
Mamajuda Light House, Detroit River
Mammoth Livery Gustin And Patterson Proprietors Chatham, Ont.
Manery's Motor Court, Leamington, Ontario.
Manning Hotel & Post Office, Windsor, Ont.
Manning House, Windsor, Canada
Map Showing Position Of Windsor And Environs 1913
Maple Leaf Hotel Exterior 1629 Howard Avenue February 1960
Maple Leaf Motel
Maple Leaf Motel And Restaurant
Marcus Meat Market, 1144 Wyandotte Street East, May 1958
Marcus Meat Market, 1144 Wyandotte Street East, May 1958
Mario's Fine Foods, 1948
Mario's Of Windsor
Mario's of Windsor, Roozen's Ltd.
Mario's Restaurant
Mario's Tavern
Mario's Tavern
Mario's Tavern 1960
Mario's Tavern, 1950
Marion's Motel
Market Lane Looking North To Pitt Street October 1955
Market Lane Looking South October 1955
Market Place, Chatham, Ont.
Marlborough School, 1947, Grade 8
Marlborough St., Looking East, Leamington, Ont.
Marlene Dietrich
Marshall Foundry, 940 Assumption Street, February 1958
Marshall Foundry, 940 Assumption Street, July 1955
Mary A. Walker
Mary Apartments 1197 Erie Street East October 1958
Masonic Temple, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Maxine's Beauty Shop, 2106 Woodlawn Avenue, July 1960
Maypole on King Property
McCourt Cartage Truck Parked On St. Luke Road, November 1959
McDougall Street Looking South Towards Wyandotte Street August 1960
McEwan Avenue Looking North, From Just South Of The Intersection With Martindale Street, August 1952
McEwan Avenue Looking South Between Martindale Street And Wyandotte Street West, August 1952
McKay Avenue, Looking North, From Just South Of Grove Avenue, February 1950
McKee Treaty Cairn, Blenheim, Ontario, Canada
McKeough School, Chatham
McLean Beach, Colchester, Ont.
Me And Mits
Medbury Lane West, Looking East Towards Ferry Landing, March 1955
Medical Arts Building, Windsor, Canada
Members And Families At The Sod Turning Ceremony For The New Clubhouse
Members Of The Windsor Ford V-8 Basketball Team In Berlin?
Memorial Chapel
Memorial Hall, University of Windsor
Memorial Park Entrance, Tilbury, Ont.
Memorial Park, Tilbury, Ont.
Memorial Park, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada
Memorial Science Building, University Of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Memorial To Officers And Seamen, War Of 1812, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Men And Women Of Kent County
Men Of Essex County
Men Of Essex County 2
Men Of Kent County
Men Of Kent County 2
Men Of Kent County 3
Men Of Kent County 4
Men Of Kent County 5
Mercer Street Looking North Towards Intersection With Wyandotte Street East August 1960
Merchants Paper Company 975 Crawford Avenue, April 1957
Mercury Sun Valley
Merlo Family
Merloray Building
Mersea Township Hall
Meteor Rideau Sedan
Methodist Church On Talbot Street, Essex, Ont., Canada.
Methodist Church, Harrow, Ont.
Methodist Church, Sandwich, Ont.
Methodist Church, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church
Methodist Church, Walkerville, Ont.
Methodist Church, Wallaceburg, Canada
Methodist Church, Windsor, Canada
Metropole Tavern 917 Walker Road, Interior, June 1961
Metropole Tavern Exterior 917 Walker Road June 1960
Metropole Tavern Exterior 917 Walker Road, June 1961
Metropole Tavern Interior 917 Walker Road June 1960
Metropolitan Building In Foreground, Windsor, Ontario.
Metropolitan General Hospital 1995 Lens Avenue, April 1954
Metropolitan General Hospital, Walkerville, Ont., Canada.
Metropolitan Stores, 439-457 Ouellette Avenue, Exterior 1, October 25 1960
Metropolitan Stores, 439-457 Ouellette Avenue, Exterior 2, October 25 1960
Metropolitan Stores, 439-457 Ouellette Avenue, Exterior 3, October 25 1960
Mettawas Casino, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Mettawas Hotel, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Michigan Central Railway Tunnel, Looking North, March 1951
Michigan Central Station
Michigan Central Station
Michigan Central Station, Detroit, Mich.
Michigan Central Tunnel
Mike Peters Service Station, 1006 Crawford Avenue, April 1957
Milan's Pharmacy, 1037 Drouillard Road, Interior, June 1960
Military Reserve Barracks
Millionth Ford Made In Canada
Minstrel Show
Miss Smale
Mitchell's Bay
Moat, Fort Malden, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Modern Design Company, 65-67 Sandwich Street East, March 1955
Modest Lower Class Home
Mollard Family Studebakers
Mom 1941 (Mrs. Lee); Lustre Cafe
Monarch Lucerne Sedan
Monmouth Road, Walkerville, Ont.
Monograph Recon Project 1987
Monroe Avenue And Cadillac Square Showing Barlum Tower And Hotel
Monroe Gold Cure Institute
Monument, Bob-Lo (Bois Blanc Island), Detroit River
Moonlight On The River, Detroit, Mich.
Moose Factory Hospital 2 1946
Moose Factory Hospital, 1946
Moppets The Clown And His Goofy Fire Truck
Morgan And Wright, Plant Of The U.S. Rubber Co.
Morphological Map Of Windsor, Ont. 1940
Morris Dry Goods Exterior, 1012 Drouillard Road, June 1951
Morris Dry Goods Interior 1012 Drouillard Road June 1951
Most Reverend Denis O'Connor
Mother, Father, And Raymond
Motor In Center Of Tunnel, Port Huron, Mich.
Motor Traffic On The Ambassador Bridge Entering Canada, Windsor, Ontario, "Canada's Rose City"
Motor Vehicle Tunnel Between Detroit And Windsor, Canada.
Motorboating At Cedar Beach, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Motors Entering St. Clair Tunnel, Port Huron, Mich.
Mouth Of Detroit River Bois Blanc Island And Light
Moving Conveyors Hasten The Motor Assembly
Mr. S. A. Tarleton With Choir Boys
Mrs. Lee, Lustre Cafe
Mrs. Margurite Diesbourg
Mrs. Susanna Wigle, Deceased; John Wigle, Deceased; Mrs. Michael Owen
Municipal Bathing Beach on Detroit River, East Windsor, Ont., Near Windsor, Canada
Municipal Building, Blenheim, Ontario.
Municipal Building, Harrow, Ontario, Canada
Municipal Building, Sandwich, Canada
Municipal Park And Board Walk, Kingsville, Ont.
Munro House Hotel 85-90 Pitt Street East, May 1959
Munsee Street, Looking East Towards Turner Road, April 1957
Murdock's Shady Rest
Murray St. Amherstburg, Canada
Murray St., Amherstburg, Ont.
MV Lowell Thomas World Discoverer
Mystery Man