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La Belle Block, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1917
Ladies Of The Parke Davis Drug Company Finishing Room
Lagoon At Cedar Beach Near Kingsville, Ontario
Lagoon Canal, Sandwich, Canada, Near Windsor
Lagoon Canal, Windsor, Canada
Lagoon In Belle Isle Park, Detroit
Lagoon Park Canal, Windsor, Canada
Lake Erie And Detroit River Railroad Locomotive
Lake Erie And Walkerville Station
Lake Erie From Bois Blanc
Lake Erie Steamboat Western World, 1854
Lake Front, Kingsville, Ont.
Lake St. North, Wheatley, Ont.
Lake Street, Looking South, Wheatley, Ont.
Lakefront Cottage, Cedar Island Near Kingsville, Ontario.
Langlois Avenue Looking South, From Just North Of The Intersection With Ellis Street East, July 1957
Langlois Avenue Looking South, From Just North Of The Intersection With Hanna Street East, July 1957
Langlois Avenue, Looking North From Just South Of Assumption Street, April 1951
Lanspeary Park, Windsor, Ont, Canada
Largest Coffer Dam In The World, Lime Kiln Crossing, Detroit River
LaSalle Ferry Boat Leaving Windsor, Canada
Last Boat Of The Season, Sarnia, Ontario
Last Look At Old Library's Larder 1958
Laurier Hall And Vanier Hall Under Construction August 31st, 1968
Laurier Hall And Vanier Hall Under Construction October 31st, 1968
Laurier Hall And Vanier Hall Under Construction September 30th, 1968
Lauzon Road Looking North, August 1953
Lauzon Road Looking South, August 1953
Lawrence Tetley, Grocer, 1314 Wellington Avenue, November 1951
Laying Of The Cornerstone Of St. Mary's Church
Laying Of The First Steel In Ojibway.
Layoff Notice From Ford Motor Company of Canada
Leamington Government Dock And Beaches
Leamington, On King's Highway No. 3, Ontario, Canada
Leamington, Ontario
Leamington-Wheatley 1951
Lecturn, St. Mary's Church
Leddy Library Looking East 1997
Leddy Library Looking South 1998
Leddy Library Looking South 2013
Leddy Library Looking South Between The Two Buildings 1998
Leddy Library Looking Southeast 2013
Leddy Library Under Construction 1970
Leddy Library Under Construction Looking East 1970
Leddy Library Under Construction Looking East Early Stages 1969
Leddy Library Under Construction Looking South 1970
Leddy Library, Second Floor 2000
Lees Mary Hair Fashions, 1380 Wyandotte Street East, August 1960
Lemuel Dexter Galloway
Leo Lamoureux
Lew And Frank Chilver
Liberty Auto Sales, 534 Wyandotte Street East, January 1954
Library At Night 1959
Library Building For Assumption University Of Windsor, Architectural Drawings
Library In Dillon Hall 1939
Library Instruction Classroom 1993
Library Instruction Classroom 2013
Library Overflow 1958
Library Park Bridge, Wallaceburg, Can.
Library Research 1957
Lighthouse At The Mouth Of The Thames River
Lighthouse Kingsville
Lighthouse, Bob-Lo (Bois Blanc Island), Detroit River
Lincoln Road Looking South Between Seneca Street And Shepherd Street East, September 1950
Lineup At Cafeteria Counter, University Centre, University Of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Lions Res. Of R. M. M. Patton Esq., Druggist, Chatham Ont.
Little Yard?
Lloyd Wanless, Baseball Umpire
Loading Scene From M.S. Pelee Islander, West Dock, Pelee Island, Ontario
Lobby Of The New Library As Seen From Mezzanine 1958
Lockers In Leddy 1971
Log Cabin In Anderdon Township
Log Cabin, Bob-Lo (Bois Blanc Island), Detroit River
London Army Baseball Team
London Livestock Building
London Street Looking West From Church Street, January 1954
London Street Looking West, Windsor, Ontario
London Street West, Looking West, From East Of Cameron Avenue, November 1949
London Street, Looking West, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
London Street, Windsor, Canada
London Street, Windsor, Ont.
London Street, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Looking North Along Ouellette Avenue On V-J Day, August 15th, 1945
Looking South From Guardian Building, Detroit, Mich.
Looking Towards Sandwich Point
Lord Selkirk Bridge, Wallaceburg
Lord Selkirk Bridge, Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
Louis A. Merlo
Lovers Lane, Point Pelee, Ontario, Canada
Lovers' Lane, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Lowe's Boys Gymnastics Team
Lower Level Study Room
Loyalist Log Cabin
Lu's Snack Bar, Maidstone, Ont., On No. 3 Highway
Lunch, Cold November Day
Lunchtime At The C&O Depot, Walkerville
Lych Gate
Lychgate St. Mary's