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H. J. Heinz Co. Of Canada Ltd., Leamington, Ontario, Canada
H. J. Heinz Co., Leamington, Ontario, Canada
H. O. Fleming, The Dispensing Druggist
Hall Avenue, Looking North, From Just South Of Shepherd Street East, May 1950
Halmo Jewellers
Handball Alleys
Hangar Under Construction At North Bay Airport
Hanging At Windsor Jail [After]
Hanging At Windsor Jail [Before]
Hanna Street East Looking East From Just West Of Elsmere Avenue, March 1959
Harbor View, Amherstburg, Ont.
Harbor View, Sarnia, Canada
Harbor, Belle River, Ont.
Harbor, Kingsville, Canada
Harbor, Kingsville, Ont.
Harbour, Belle River, Ont., Canada
Harbour, Kingsville, Ont.
Harbour, Kingsville, Ontario
Harrow King Street
Harry Duniont, Baseball Player
Hattie Johnson Reading
Hattie Johnson With Daughter-In-Law
Head Start 1997
Head Start Orientation 2009
Heinz Canning Factory, Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Heinz Factory, Leamington, Ont.
Heinz Factory, Leamington, Ont.
Helen's Dining Lounge
Henri Baillargeon And The Robinet Girls Standing Near The CNR Station
Henry C. Grant
Herald Press Limited, 424 Pitt Street West, September 1959
Herbert Trueman
Hi Ho Curb Serv US Ltd.
Hi Way Motel Court
High Banks Near Wallaceburg, Ont.
High Banks, Oxley, Ont.
High School, Amherstburg, Ont.
High School, Leamington, Ont.
High School, Walkerville, Ont., Canada.
High School, Wheatley, Ont.
High School, Windsor, Canada.
Highway 401 Construction.The Wellington Road Overpass, London
Highway Bridge Over Belle River, At Belle River, Ontario, Canada
Hiram Walker
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Aeroplane View Of Plant
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Bottling Building
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Distillery Offices, Board Room
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Distillery Offices, South Front
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Maturing Warehouses
Hiram Walker & Sons, Distillers, Millers, And Maltsters, Walkerville, Ont.
Hiram Walker And Sons Limited, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Interior Of One Of Eleven Maturing Warehouses. Total Capacity 225,000 Barrels.
Hiram Walker And Sons U.S. Army K-Rations
Hiram Walker Engraving
Hiram Walker's Baseball Team
HMCS Hunter Naval Reserve Basketball Team
Hockey Game At Assumption College
Hockey Game In Front Of St. Denis Hall
Hoeing Cucumbers
Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn, Windsor
Holland Brothers 1277 Ottawa Street March 1959
Holy Family Retreat House
Holy Redeemer College, Assumption University Of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Holy Rosary Separate School, Ford, Ont.
Home Bank Of Canada, Walkerville, Canada
Home Of Canadian Club Whisky, Walkerville, Canada. Rack Warehouses
Home of Jack Miner
Home of Jack Miner, Kingsville, Ontario
Home Offices And Laboratories Of Parke Davis And Co., Detroit, Mich., U.S.A.
Homestead 380 Wyandotte Street East August 1960
Homestead, Goyeau Street, Windsor, Ontario
Hon. W. C. Kennedy Collegiate Institute
Hoppes Nu-Vogue Ladies Wear, 1501 Tecumseh Road East, April 1957
Horticultural Building and Aquarium, Belle Isle Park, Detroit, Mich.
Horticultural Building, Belle Isle, Michigan
Hotel At The Mettawas
Hotel Dieu De St. Joseph Hospital, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Hotel Dieu Hospital, Windsor
Hotel Dieu Hospital, Windsor, Canada
Hotel Dieu, Windsor, Canada
Hotel Dieu, Windsor, Ont.
Hotel Dieu, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
Hotel Norton Palmer
Hotel Norton Palmer; Post Office, Windsor; Prince Edward Hotel; Medical Arts Building
Hotel Ponchartrain, Detroit, Mich.
Hotel Pontchartrain, Detroit, Mich.
House 1 Built By Sterling Construction Company
House 2 Built By Sterling Construction Company
House 3 Built By Sterling Construction Company
House 4 Built By Sterling Construction Company
House At Tecumseh Road East And Sandwich Street East, December 1956
House Of Aime Baillargeon On Brighton Road In Pike Creek
House Of Refuge, Leamington, Ont.
House Of Telesphore Baillargeon In Pike Creek
House On the Northwest Corner Of Victoria Avenue And Wyandotte Street West, August 1956
House On Windemere Road August 1960
Houseboat On Sydenham River, Wallaceburg, Ont. Canada
Houses And Outbuildings Tecumseh Road East And Sandwich Street East, December 1956
Houses on Elm Avenue, April 1957
Houses On Lincoln Road August 1960
Houses On Moy Avenue August 1960
Houses On The East Side Of Drouillard Road, August 1960
Howard Avenue Between Tecumseh Road East and Hanna Street, Looking North, September 1950
Howard Avenue Looking Northwest Towards The Intersection With Giles Boulevard East, January 1953
Howard Avenue, Looking North, At The Junction With Cataraqui Street, Glengarry Avenue And Aylmer Avenue February 1953
Howard Fruit Market Exterior 2181 Howard Avenue June 1960
Howell Bros. The Jewelers, 17 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario.
Huldah's Rock
Hupp Motor Car Company
Huron Church Road Approaching The Ambassador Bridge October 1956
Huron Mission House
Hussey Plumbing And Heating, 2117 Forest Avenue, July 1959