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A. Fox Stage Coach
A. H. Hebert Gents Furnishings
A. Marshall Foundry
Aberdeen Street East, Merlin, Ontario
Abie's Delicatessen 566 Wyandotte Street East March 1961
Administration Building Entrance, Passenger Car And Motor Plants, Chrysler Corporation Of Canada Limited, Windsor, Ontario
Administration Building, Chrysler Corporation of Canada Ltd., Windsor, Canada
Aerial View Detroit, Mich.
Aerial View Imperial Oil Refinery, Sarnia, Ontario Canada
Aerial View Of Imperial Oil Refinery, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
Aerial View of Industrially Zoned Area, Sandwich East Township
Aerial View Of North Bay Airport
Aerial View Of The Ambassador Bridge Showing The Heavy Traffic, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Aerial View Of The Ford Motor Company Factory, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Aerial View Of The Township Of Sandwich West Industrial Park
Aerial View Of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Aeroplane At Bob-Lo Island Park, Canada
Aeroplane View Of Bob-Lo Island Park, Canada
Aeroplane View Of Bob-Lo Island, Amherstburg, Ont.
Aeroplane View Of the Dominion Glass SOS Plant, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Aeroplane View Of Wallaceburg, Ont.
Ainslee Family
Airport Windsor, Ontario Canada
Airport, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
AKO Fratmen Football Champions
Al Edwards Running For Windsor Collegiate Institute
Alleyway Behind Sandwich Street East, Looking East Towards Goyeau Street, August 1957
Alleyway Behind The West Side Of Goyeau Street, Looking North Towards Sandwich Street From Pitt Street East, August 1957
Along The River Near Chappell's
Along The Shore Of Bois Blanc Island
Altar Close Up
Altar, St. Mary's Church
Alumni Association President 1927-1928
Alumni House
Alvin Apartments, 286 Pitt Street West, June 1958
Ambassador Auditorium, University Centre, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ambassador Bridge
Ambassador Bridge
Ambassador Bridge And Assumption Church, Windsor, Canada
Ambassador Bridge and Park, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ambassador Bridge At Night About 1930
Ambassador Bridge At Night, Sandwich, Ont., Near Windsor, Ont.
Ambassador Bridge Between Detroit, U.S.A., and Windsor, Canada
Ambassador Bridge Canadian Customs And Immigration, October 1956
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Anchorage Grillage And Eyebars Before Placing Concrete
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Attaching The Floor System To The Suspender Ropes
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Cable Spinning Plant
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Cable Strands Attached To Anchorage
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Compacting The Separate Strands Into The Finished Cable
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Erection Of Main Towers
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Footwalks And Cable Spinning Equipment
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Laying Asphalt Surface
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Raising The First Footwalk Cable
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Top Of Main Tower Showing Four Completed Strands In Place In The Saddle Casting
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Wrapping The Completed Cable With A Protective Wire Covering
Ambassador Bridge Looking South October 1949
Ambassador Bridge over Detroit River, Detroit, Mich.
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction From The Roof Of Assumption Church
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, Canadian Side
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, From Waterfront
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, From Wyandotte Street Looking North
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, Looking North From London Street
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, Looking Northeast From Sandwich Street
Ambassador Bridge Windsor, Ont. Canada
Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Mich.
Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Mich. Windsor, Canada.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada - Detroit, Mich.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada To Detroit, U.S.A.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada to Detroit, U.S.A.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada to Detroit, U.S.A.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ont.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada [From Detroit Looking East]
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada [From Windsor Looking North]
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. 17.
Ambassador Bridge. Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ambassadors Of Good Will
American Auto Trimming Company, Limited
Amherstburg, Ontario
Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Amusement Building, Bob-Lo (Bois Blanc Island), Detroit River
An Aerial View Of Wallaceburg Ontario, Canada
Andros Restaurant and Coffee Shop
Andy's Light Lunch, 212 Wyandotte Street East, January 1954
Anglican Young People's Association
Angus McIntosh
Anna Lee Outside Barber Shop On Chilver
Antiquity At Sandwich The Old Jesuit Huron Mission House
Aquarama Line
Armouries, Windsor, Canada, 1905
Armouries, Windsor, Canada.
Armouries, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1905
Armouries, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1924
Army, Navy, And Air Force Veterans Club, 1014 Tecumseh Road East, July 1959
Army, Navy, And Air Force Veterans Club, 1014 Tecumseh Road East, November 1960
Arrest Warrant County Of Essex 1863
Arrow Motel
Arrow Pharmacy, 1190 Wyandotte Street West, April 1961
Arts Classroom; The Senior Study
Ashton's Motel
Ashton's Motel. Windsor, Ont., Can.
Asphalt Plant, Northwood, Ontario
Assumption (R.C.) College, Sandwich 1893
Assumption Chapel And Assumption Church
Assumption Church
Assumption Church 1920
Assumption Church And The Ambassador Bridge Under Construction
Assumption Church Looking North
Assumption College 1915
Assumption College About 1905
Assumption College Administration Buildings, ca. 1928
Assumption College And High School 1952
Assumption College Baccalaureate Day, May 1923
Assumption College Baseball Team c1931
Assumption College Campus 1928
Assumption College Campus In Winter 1930
Assumption College Campus Northwest Corner, ca. 1930
Assumption College Campus South 1930
Assumption College Campus South Walkway 1930
Assumption College Campus, c1945
Assumption College Dramatic Arts Production, ca. 1925
Assumption College Football Players
Assumption College Front View 1920
Assumption College Graduates Walking South On Huron Church Road
Assumption College Hockey Team 1922
Assumption College Looking Northwest From Behind The Main Buildings?
Assumption College Old Building, c1945
Assumption College South Campus
Assumption College, Looking East From The Athletic Field
Assumption College, Sandwich Near Windsor, Ont., Canada, ca. 1936
Assumption College, Sandwich, Canada 1910
Assumption College, Sandwich, near Windsor, Canada
Assumption College, Sandwich, Ont. 1924
Assumption College, Sandwich, Ont., Canada 1925
Assumption College, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Assumption College, Windsor, Canada
Assumption College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1928
Assumption College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada-16. 1928
Assumption High School
Assumption High School
Assumption Lounge, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Assumption Of The Future 1957
Assumption R. C. College, Sandwich, Near Windsor, Ont., Canada 1923
Assumption St. School, Windsor, Canada.
Assumption University Library At Night
Assumption University Library Floor Plans 1958
Assumption University Library Looking North
Assumption University Library, Looking South Towards The Circulation Desk And Entrance
Assumption's First Roomers
At Work On The New Buildings
Atop C&O. Walker Road And Wyandotte
Auto Specialties Manufacturing Company (Windsor)
Auto Stop Hotel, Leamington, Ontario Canada
Auto Stop Inn, Leamington, Ontario. One Block South Of Highway No. 3
Auto-Stop Inn, Leamington, Ontario
Automobile Stolen