Subject: Waterfront (Windsor)

3879 Riverside Drive East, Looking East, June 1951
Aerial View Of University Of Windsor Campus Looking North 1946
Aerial View Of University Of Windsor Campus Looking South 1964
Ambassador Bridge
Ambassador Bridge and Park, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ambassador Bridge At Night, Sandwich, Ont., Near Windsor, Ont.
Ambassador Bridge Between Detroit, U.S.A., and Windsor, Canada
Ambassador Bridge Connecting Detroit, Mich. And Windsor, Canada
Ambassador Bridge Over Detroit River, Detroit, Mich.
Ambassador Bridge Under Construction, From Waterfront
Ambassador Bridge Windsor, Ont. Canada
Ambassador Bridge, Connecting Detroit, Mich., And Sandwich, Ont.
Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Michigan
Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Michigan, Windsor, Ontario
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada To Detroit, Mich.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada To Detroit, U. S. A.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada to Detroit, U.S.A.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada to Detroit, U.S.A.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ont.
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Ontario, Canada [From Windsor Looking North]
Ambassador Bridge. Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Assumption College And High School 1952
Better Ideas Come From Ford. 1968 Mustang 2+2 Fastback.
Bird's-Eye View Of Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont., Canada 1915
Boat Club House, Walkerville, Ont., Canada
Border Cities Bathing Beach
Building The Ambassador Bridge
C.P.R. Car Ferries, Windsor, Ont., Canada
C.P.R. Car Ferries, Windsor, Ont., Canada
C.P.R. Depot, Windsor, Can.
Cadwell's Limited
Canadian Club Distillery Of Hiram Walter And Sons At Walkerville, Canada.
Canadian Dredge And Dock Company, Medbury Lane West, March 1955
Canadian Salt Co. Chemical Plant. Sandwich
Car Ferry Dock Windsor, Ont. (Connecting With Detroit, U.S.A.)
CNR Yards, Windsor, Ont.
Coal Dock And Power House Ford Motor Company, East Windsor, Ontario
Coal Docks, Sandwich, Ont.
Consolidated Truck Lines, 1217 Sandwich Street West, August 1955
Construction At Hiram Walker 1, April 1952
Construction Work At Hiram Walkers
Corner Of St. Mary's Gate And Kildare Road; Riverside Park
CPR Boat Slip, Windsor, Ont.
Detroit And Windsor Ferry Co's Dock, At Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1928
Detroit From Windsor, Canada
Detroit River And Canadian And American Shores From Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Detroit River Panorama
Detroit River Waterfront At Cameron Avenue, August 1955
Detroit River Waterfront At Cameron Avenue, March 1954
Detroit River Waterfront At Janette Avenue, May 1958
Detroit River, International Boundary Line At Border Cities, Ont., Canada And Detroit, Mich.
Detroit Skyline At Night From Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Detroit Skyline From Windsor Ontario, Canada
Detroit, Belle Isle, and Windsor Ferry, 1893
Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan From Windsor, Canada
Detroit, U.S.A., From Windsor, Ont. Canada.
Dieppe Gardens Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Eastern Flyer Pulling Out Of Windsor, Canada
Famous Ambassador Bridge
Ferry Boat Landing, Windsor, Canada, 1904
Ferry Boat, Windsor, Canada.
Ferry Dock At Windsor, Canada, Showing Detroit In The Distance, 1915
Ferry Dock, Walkerville, Canada
Ferry Landing Showing Detroit In The Distance, Windsor, Canada, 1916
Ferry Landing, Walkerville, Ont.
Ferry Landing, Walkerville, Ont., Canada.
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Canada, 1910
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont. 1915
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont. 1915
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont. 1915
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont. 1923
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont., 1914
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont., 1916
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1912
Foot Of Woodward Ave. And Griswold St., Detroit, Mich.
Ford Crestline Convertible
Ford Monarch 1952
Ford Motor Co. Of Canada, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Ford Motor Co. Plant, East Windsor, Ont.
Ford Motor Co.'s Plant, Ford, Ont., Canada, Near Windsor
Ford Motor Co., Ford, Ont., Canada
French Windmill, Walkerville
G.T.R. Station, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
Gem Ferry
Government Dock, Downtown Windsor And Detroit In Background
Hiram Walker & Sons Limited, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Aeroplane View Of Plant
Hiram Walker & Sons, Distillers, Millers, And Maltsters, Walkerville, Ont.
Home Of Canadian Club
Intersection Of Sandwich Street East And Glengarry Avenue Looking West, August 1949
Intersection Of Sandwich Street West And Elm Avenue, Looking West, March 1954
Island View Hotel Opposite Belle Isle On Canadian Shore
La Salle And Pleasure Of Detroit At Ferry Dock, Windsor, Ontario
Looking South From The Guardian Building, Detroit, Michigan
Maisoneau Mill
Medbury Lane West, Looking East Towards Ferry Landing, March 1955
Mercury Sun Valley
Monarch Lucerne Sedan
Montreuil Windmill
Municipal Bathing Beach on Detroit River, East Windsor, Ont., Near Windsor, Canada
MV Lowell Thomas World Discoverer
New Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, Mich.
New Ferry "La Salle" Between Windsor And Detroit
Night View Of Detroit From Windsor, Ontario
Night View Of Detroit, U.S.A. From Windsor, Ont. Canada
No. 5588 "Spirit Of Windsor" 1965
North Campus Of University Of Windsor 1966
On The Lake Shore, Near Windsor, Ont., Canada
Ouellette Ave. At Night, Detroit In Background, 1935
Panorama Of Windsor Water Front
Park And River View, Walkerville, Ont.
Path Leading Down To The Waterfront and Detroit River, Just East Of Cameron Avenue, August 1955
Pere Marquette Slip Dock, Windsor, Canada
Polsky House On The Move September 1950
Royal Visit To Windsor, 1959
Sandwich St. Showing Our Lady Of The Lake Church, Ford, Ont.
Sandwich Street West, Looking East, From Just East Of Cameron Avenue, March 1954
Sandwich Waterfront 1, 1930
Sandwich Waterfront 2, 1930
Ship Unloading Gravel at Sterling Gravel And Supplies
Sterling Construction Company Limited, Windsor, Ontario
Sterling Ready Mix Concrete Company 2
Swimming At Ford City Bathing Beach
Swimming At Ford City Bathing Beach 2
Three Young Women In Bathing Suits Having Their Photo Taken
Upper Portion Of Belle Isle, Peche Island And Canadian Shore, As Seen From An Aeroplane, Detroit, Mich.
View of Ferry Landing, 1930
View Of Park, Walkerville, Ont.
Views Of Windsor, Scene From The Ferry Dock 1899
Walkerville Boat Club
Walkerville Boat Club, Walkerville, Canada
Walkerville Boat Club, Walkerville, Canada, Front
Walkerville Ferry
Walkerville Ferry Dock
Walkerville Waterfront 1909
Water Front, Walkerville, Canada.
Water Front, Windsor, Canada, 1912
Windsor Bathing Beach, Windsor, Ont.
Windsor Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1912
Windsor Harbour Commissioners Building October 1959
Windsor Macedonian Club 17 Ouellette Avenue May 1955
Windsor Police Annual Inspection On The Riverfront, Looking West, October 1958
Windsor Waterfront
Windsor Waterfront At Cameron Avenue August 1955
Windsor Waterfront Between Ouellette Avenue And Ferry Street, February 1957
Windsor Yacht Club 4500 Riverside Drive East April 1957
Windsor Yacht Club, Windsor, Ont.
Windsor, Ontario Skyline From Detroit, Mich.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Windsor, Ontario. Ambassador Bridge. Detroit, Michigan
Wolf's Hotel