Ambassador Bridge
Assumption University Library At Night
Assumption University Library Floor Plans 1958
Assumption University Library Looking North
Assumption University Library, Looking South Towards The Circulation Desk And Entrance
Bindery 1975
Book Stacks, Leddy West Building 2000
Catalogue Card Printer 1975
Cataloguers At Work 1975
Checking Order Requisitions In Books In Print 1975
Checking The Card Catalogue 1975
Circulation Desk, University Library, University of Windsor 1963
Conrad Reitz In His Office 1990
Construction On The First Floor Of Leddy Main 1998
Education Reference Desk 1996
Education Reference Desk 2000
Entrance To The Leddy Library 1992
Entrance To The Library 1960
Filing In The Shelf-list 1975
Filing Order Slips 1975
Ford Motor Company Of Canada Archives Are Presented To The University 1998
Head Start 1997
Head Start Orientation 2009
Information Desk 1996
Installation Of New Gates In Leddy Library 1996
Leddy Library Looking East 1997
Leddy Library Looking South 1998
Leddy Library Looking South 2013
Leddy Library Looking South Between The Two Buildings 1998
Leddy Library Looking Southeast 2013
Leddy Library Under Construction 1970
Leddy Library Under Construction Looking East 1970
Leddy Library Under Construction Looking East Early Stages 1969
Leddy Library Under Construction Looking South 1970
Leddy Library, Second Floor 2000
Library At Night 1959
Library Instruction Classroom 1993
Library Instruction Classroom 2013
Lobby Of The New Library As Seen From Mezzanine 1958
Lockers In Leddy 1971
Lower Level Study Room
Monograph Recon Project 1987
New Books 1975
New Reader Services Offices Under Construction 1992
Poker Walk, Leddy Library Team 2004
Production Room 1975
Reference And Periodicals Reading Room
Reference Collection 2000
Reference Help Centre 1993
Reference Help Centre 2000
Reserve Reading Room 1992
Selecting Books For The Library 1975
Serials Check-In 1975
Storm On Campus Looking West 1996
Student In The Stacks 1971
Student Studying On The Second Floor Of Leddy 2000
Students In Silhouette Studying On The Third Floor Of Leddy West 2000
Students Outside The University Library 1972
Students Studying In The Library 1960
Students Studying In The Library 1971
Students Studying On The Third Floor Of Leddy West 2000
Students Using The Research Databases On CdRom 1993
Transfer Of The Great Lakes And IJC Collections To Leddy Library, 1993
Typing Orders 1975
University Library, Assumption University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1960
University Library. Assumption University of Windsor 1958
University of Windsor Library Punch Cards
University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1963
Unveiling Of The New LUIS Online Catalogue 1987
Using The Library Of Congress Catalogues 1975
Using The Microfiche Readers 1975
Visit Of Canadian Playwright James Reaney 1995