Subject: Travel

A. Fox Stage Coach
Airport Terminal Building. Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Airport Windsor, Ontario Canada
Airport, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor
Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada
Aquarama Line
Arrow Motel
Ashton's Motel
Ashton's Motel, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Ashton's Motel. Windsor, Ont., Can.
Baby Park Camp, Windsor, Canada
Baby Park Tourist Court, Highway 3B, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Bailey's Beach Ravine Hotel And Cottages
Beaver Pool Motel
Blue Bell Cabins, Leamington, Ont.
Blue Haven Lodge And Motel
Boose's Cottage Tourist Camp
Boose's Cottage Tourist Camp And City Of Windsor Tourist Camp
Boose's Cottage Tourist Camp, Windsor, Ont.
Cadillac Motel
Cadillac Motel
Cadillac Motel
Canadian Steamer Pelee Islander
Canadian Steamer Pelee. A Daily Service Between Sandusky, Ohio And Canada's Vacationland
Casa Don Motel
Casa Don Motel
Central Bridge, Wallaceburg.
City of Cleveland, Windsor, Ont., Canada
City Of Detroit III
Creek And Cedar Island, Cedar Beach Near Kingsville, Ontario.
Cross The Border By Auto Tunnel 1955
D And C Boat Passing Under The Ambassador Bridge at Detroit, Mich.
Derby Motel
Detroit & Windsor Ferry Company Ticket
Detroit River Steamer, Ste. Claire, Of Detroit And Windsor Ferry Co. Fleet
Dougall Avenue Looking South, June 1950
Entrance To Point Pelee National Park, Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Erie Beach Auto Camp, Chatham, Ontario.
Essex County 1930
Excursion Boats On Detroit River Leaving Border Cities, Canada
Excursion Steamer Cadillac, Cleveland Bound, Erieau, Ontario, Canada
Excursion Steamer Cadillac, Entering Erieau Harbor, Erieau, Ontario, Canada
Excursion Steamers, Detroit River
Family Excursion
Ferry Boat, Windsor, Canada.
Ferry Boat, Windsor, Canada.
Fidler's Green Marina
Fleet Of D. And C. Navigation Co.
Fountain Motel And Restaurant
Fountain Motel And Restaurant
Government Wharf, West Side, Pelee Island, Canada
Greetings From Blue Bonnet Restaurant
Harbor, Kingsville, Ont.
Hi Way Motel Court
Holiday Inn, Windsor
Honeymoon Hut In The Trees, Walkerville Tourist Camp, South Walkerville, Ontario
Jessop's Motel
Kavanaugh's Motel
Kavanaugh's Motel
Kay's Souvenir Store, 136 Wyandotte Street East, August 1960
Kinnee's Motel
Lagoon At Cedar Beach Near Kingsville, Ontario
Lake Erie Steamboat Western World, 1854
Lakefront Cottage, Cedar Island Near Kingsville, Ontario.
Last Boat Of The Season, Sarnia, Ontario
Leamington, On King's Highway No. 3, Ontario, Canada
Loading Scene From M.S. Pelee Islander, West Dock, Pelee Island, Ontario
Lu's Snack Bar, Maidstone, Ont., On No. 3 Highway
Madrid Motor Hotel
Manery's Motor Court, Leamington, Ontario.
Maple Leaf Motel
Maple Leaf Motel And Restaurant
Marion's Motel
Mettawas Hotel, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Motorboating At Cedar Beach, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
MV Lowell Thomas World Discoverer
New Frontier Motel
New Metropole Supper Club
Noble's Summer Homes, 860 Pelee Drive, R.R., No. 1, Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Northern Navigation Co.'s Docks, Sarnia, Ont., Canada
Off For A River Trip
Oldest Schooner On The Lake In Kingsville Harbor, Kingsville, Ont.
PALS Fraternity Camp 1931: Transportation
Passenger Steamer Tashmoo
Pelee Islander
Pike Creek Hotel
Poplar Grove, Colchester, Ont., Canada
Princeton Motel
Province of Ontario Tourist Bureau
Rapids King Steamship
River Thames From Third Street Bridge, Chatham, Ont., Canada
River Thames, Chatham, Canada.
River Thames, Chatham, Ont.
Routley's Motor Court
Routley's Motor Court - Highway 2 at Walker Rd., Windsor, Canada
Royal Motel
S. S. Rapids King, Wallaceburg, Canada
S.S. Hamonic, Windsor, Ontario
S.S. Pelee In Kingsville Dock
S.S. South American On The Detroit River
Sandwich, Windsor, And Amherstburg Railway Company Bus Ticket
Sandwich, Windsor, And Amherstburg Railway Company Ticket
Scene On Detroit River, Detroit, Mich.
Statler Motel
Steamer "Tashmoo" at Windsor, Ont., Canada
Steamer Greater Detroit
Steamer Ossifrage, Chatham, Ont. Canada.
Steamer Pelee
Steamer Pelee At Leamington Dock, Ontario, Canada
Steamer Pelee, Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Steamer Tashmoo, Detroit, Mich.
Steamer Thousand Islander, Chatham, Ont., Canada.
Str. Conger, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Sunnyside Hotel, LaSalle, Ont.
T.C.A. Viscount At Windsor Airport Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Thousand Islander Running Between Detroit, U.S.A., And Chatham, Ont., Canada.
Tourist Park, Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Walker Airport Near Windsor, Ont., Canada
Walkerville & Detroit Ferry Co Ticket
Wallaceburg, Ontario. Canada's Only Inland Deep Water Port.
Welcome to Canada
Welcome Travellers Motel
Wheatley Summer Resort
Wigle's Colonial Motel
Windsor Airport Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Windsor Drive, Windsor, Ont., Can.
Windsor To Toronto First Regular Official Flight