Subject: St. Mary's Church (Walkerville)

Altar Close Up
Altar, St. Mary's Church
Anglican Young People's Association
Boy Scouts Pinning Corsages On Women
Boys' Choir
Carpenters Who Built The Church
Chancel, St. Mary's Church, Walkerville, Ont.
Children's Play
Children's Play 2
Choir Members 1930
Choir Of St. Mary's Church
Christmas Party 1951
Church And Rectory, South Side
Church Rectory South Side
Church Viewed From Gates To Willistead Manor
Church, Northwest Side
Construction Of St. Mary's Parish Hall
Couple In Front Of The Lych Gate At St. Mary's Church
Devonshire Road, Walkerville, Ont.
Drama Festival
Easter 1954
Ernest Wilby
Fiftieth Anniversary Service Of St. Mary's Church
Herbert Trueman
Hiram Walker
Interior With Pews
Irene's Sunday School Class, St. Mary's Church
Laying Of The Cornerstone Of St. Mary's Church
Lecturn, St. Mary's Church
Lych Gate
Lychgate St. Mary's
Mary A. Walker
Methodist Church, St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church
Mr. S. A. Tarleton With Choir Boys
Old St. Mary's Anglican Church, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Omicron Chi
Original Drawings Of Carvings And Reredos
Original Drawings Of The End Of The Choir Pews
PALS Fraternity 1930: On St. Mary's Tower
PALS Fraternity Camp 1910
PALS Fraternity Camp 1930: Boys Climbing Boulder Pyramid
PALS Fraternity Camp 1930: Boys Swimming
PALS Fraternity Camp 1930: Group Of Boys
PALS Fraternity Camp 1930: Stoking The Fire
PALS Fraternity Camp 1931: Camp Ground With Group Leader
PALS Fraternity Camp 1931: Camp Site
PALS Fraternity Camp 1931: Group Of Boys
PALS Fraternity Camp 1931: Transportation
PALS Fraternity Camp 1932: Five Boys In Front Of Tent
PALS Fraternity Camp 1932: Group Leaders
PALS Fraternity Camp 1932: Two Boys On Beach
PALS Fraternity Camp 1933?: Boxing
PALS Fraternity Camp 1933?: Camp Ground
PALS Fraternity Camp 1933?: Two Boys In Front Of Tent
Parade At St. Mary's Church
Parishioners Outside St. Mary's
Protestant Churches Of The Border Cities, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Rev. Clarence Foreman
Rev. H. M. Lang-Ford
Rev. H. M. Lang-Ford 2
Reverend Austin Edwards DuPlan
Reverend Clarence Wardlaw Foreman
Reverend Frank Cuthbert McRitchie
Reverend McRitchie Reading The Bible
Right Reverend Maurice S. Baldwin, D. D., Third Bishop Of Huron
Saint Mary's Anglican Church, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Saint Mary's Memorial Church (Anglican) Walkerville
Service At St. Mary's Cemetery
Side Altar
South Side Of Church
St. Mary's Academy, Windsor; The Grotto At St. Mary's Academy; St. Mary's Memorial Church; Assumption College, Windsor
St. Mary's Altar
St. Mary's Anglican Church
St. Mary's Anglican Church Choir, Walkerville, Ontario
St. Mary's Cemetery
St. Mary's Choir
St. Mary's Choir 1932
St. Mary's Choir 1951
St. Mary's Choir At Boblo Island
St. Mary's Church
St. Mary's Church In Winter
St. Mary's Church Interior
St. Mary's Church Interior 1904
St. Mary's Church Interior With Lectern And Windows
St. Mary's Church Looking Northeast
St. Mary's Church Looking Towards The Doors
St. Mary's Church Tower, 1923
St. Mary's Church Under Construction
St. Mary's Church Under Construction 2
St. Mary's Church, 1922
St. Mary's Church, 1923
St. Mary's Church, 1924
St. Mary's Church, c.1910
St. Mary's Church, Episcopal, Walkerville, Canada
St. Mary's Church, Walkerville
St. Mary's Church, Walkerville, Ont., Canada
St. Mary's Church, West Side
St. Mary's Episcopal Church Cigarette Card
St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Walkerville, Ont., Canada
St. Mary's Memorial Church, Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. 11.
St. Mary's Women's Auxiliary
St. Mary's Youth Group
Stained Walls
Sydney A. Tarleton
Tree Planting Ceremony 1954
Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. The Home Of "Canadian Club" Whisky. St. Mary's Church, A Memorial To Mr. And Mrs. Hiram Walker
Youth Group, 1939