Subject: Horses

1095 Goyeau Street, Looking North, August 1951
A. Fox Stage Coach
At Work On The New Buildings
Barney Benoit On Horse
Central Fire Hall, Windsor
Charles Chilver Crosses Chilver Near Wyandotte
City Market
Detroit, Belle Isle, and Windsor Ferry, 1893
Devonshire Race Track, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Devonshire Race Track, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Ferry Boat Landing, Windsor, Canada, 1904
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont. 1915
Ferry Landing, Windsor, Ont., 1914
Fire Hall And Equipment, Windsor, Canada
Fire Hall, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Garner House Property Of John Garner, Chatham, Ont.
H. J. Heinz Co., Leamington, Ontario, Canada
Indian Pony Riders At Walpole Island, Canada
Intersection Of Howard Avenue And Ellis Street East, Looking East Towards Lillian Avenue, February 1953
Intersection Of Wyandotte Street East And Glengarry Avenue, Looking West June 1953
Kenilworth Race Track, Windsor, Ont., Canada
King St. Looking West, Harrow, Ont.
Main Street, Ridgetown, Ont.
Mammoth Livery Gustin And Patterson Proprietors Chatham, Ont.
Market Place, Chatham, Ont.
Northern Navigation Co.'s Docks, Sarnia, Ont., Canada
Pike Creek Hotel
Promisory Note
Race Track, Windsor, Canada
Raffle For One
Res. Of D. S. Denhardt Esq. Genl Fire And Life Insurance Agent, Lot 9, Con. 14, Chatham T.P., Kent Co., Ont.
Res. Of Geo. Adams Esq., Carriage Maker, Dresden, Kent Co., Ont.
Res. Of Jas. Buller Esq.
Residence And Property Of Wm Bradley, Near Dresden, Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of H. Maclachlin Esq., Camden Tp., Kent Co., Ont.
Residence Of Joseph Montgomery
Residence Of Peter McKerrall, Esq.
Sandwich St. Looking West, Windsor, Canada
Sandwich Street And Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Canada
Sleigh Riders
Sod Turning Ceremony For The New Clubhouse
St. Mary's Academy, Windsor, Ontario, 1881
Walker Road At Niagara Street, Looking South, April 1957
Wheatley Summer Resort
Windsor in 1863
Windsor Market On A Busy Day, Windsor, Canada
Work On Essex Terminal At Ojibway, November 15th 1913
Wyandotte Street At Windemere Road