Subject: Boats

Ambassador Bridge, Windsor, Canada To Detroit, U.S.A.
Bathing Beach, Bob-lo Island Park, Canada
Bathing Beach, Bob-lo, Bois Blanc Island, Detroit River
Bathing Beach, Wheatley, Ont.
Belle River Looking North, Belle River, Ontario
Belle River, Ontario, Canada
Boat Livery, Cedar Beach, Kingsville, Ont.
Central Bridge, Wallaceburg, Ont.
Central Bridge, Wallaceburg.
Dick's Marina, Popular Yacht Haven, South Bay, Pelee Island, Ontario
French Windmill, Walkerville
Greetings From Colchester, Canada
Harbour, Kingsville, Ont.
Harbour, Kingsville, Ontario
High Banks Near Wallaceburg, Ont.
Houseboat On Sydenham River, Wallaceburg, Ont. Canada
Howell Bros. The Jewelers, 17 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario.
Island View Hotel Opposite Belle Isle On Canadian Shore
Lagoon Canal, Sandwich, Canada, Near Windsor
Lighthouse At The Mouth Of The Thames River
Motorboating At Cedar Beach, Kingsville, Ont., Canada
Pleasure Boats On The Sydenham River
River Scene, Wallaceburg, Can.
River Sydenham, Wallaceburg, Canada
River Sydenham, Wallaceburg, Canada
River Thames, Chatham, Canada.
River Thames, Chatham, Ont. Canada
Sailboats Moored In North Bay, Scudder, Pelee Island, Ontario, Canada
Sandwich Canal Near Windsor, Ont.
Sandwich Canal, Lagoon Park, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Sandwich Fish Hatchery
Scene on the Sydenham River, Wallaceburg, Ont., Canada
Steamer Landing, Bob-Lo (Bois Blanc Island), Detroit River.
Steamer Ossifrage, Chatham, Ont. Canada.
Str. Conger, Wallaceburg, Ont.
The Canadian Steamer Pelee Islander
The Detroit River
The Oldest Schooner on the Lake in Kingsville Harbor, Kingsville, Ont.
Third Street Bridge, Chatham, Ont., Canada
Wallaceburg, Ontario. Canada's Only Inland Deep Water Port.
Wheatley Harbor
Windsor Yacht Club 4400 Riverside Drive East April 1957
Windsor Yacht Club, Windsor, Ont.