Aerial View Of The Ambassador Bridge Showing The Heavy Traffic, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Alumni Association President 1927-1928
Alumni House
Ambassador Bridge Construction: Footwalks And Cable Spinning Equipment
Arts Classroom; The Senior Study
Assumption (R.C.) College, Sandwich 1893
Assumption Chapel And Assumption Church
Assumption Church
Assumption College 1915
Assumption College About 1905
Assumption College Administration Buildings, ca. 1928
Assumption College And High School 1952
Assumption College Baccalaureate Day, May 1923
Assumption College Baseball Team c1931
Assumption College Campus 1928
Assumption College Campus In Winter 1930
Assumption College Campus Northwest Corner, ca. 1930
Assumption College Campus South 1930
Assumption College Campus South Walkway 1930
Assumption College Campus, c1945
Assumption College Dramatic Arts Production, ca. 1925
Assumption College Football Players
Assumption College From Ambassador Bridge, Sandwich, Ontario.
Assumption College Front View 1920
Assumption College Graduates Walking South On Huron Church Road
Assumption College Hockey Team 1922
Assumption College Looking Northwest From Behind The Main Buildings?
Assumption College Old Building, c1945
Assumption College South Campus
Assumption College, Looking East From The Athletic Field
Assumption College, Sandwich Near Windsor, Ont., Canada, ca. 1936
Assumption College, Sandwich, Canada 1910
Assumption College, Sandwich, near Windsor, Canada
Assumption College, Sandwich, Ont. 1924
Assumption College, Sandwich, Ont., Canada 1925
Assumption College, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Assumption College, Windsor, Canada
Assumption College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1928
Assumption College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada-16. 1928
Assumption R. C. College, Sandwich, Near Windsor, Ont., Canada 1923
Assumption University, Windsor, Ontario
Assumption's First Roomers
At Work On The New Buildings
Baseball Game At Assumption College
Baseball Team Of 1887
Bishop Fallon
Classroom Building
College Baseball Team 1915
College Basketball Team, 1915
College Football Team, 1915
College Glee Club
College Orchestra
College Orchestra ca. 1922
Commercial Classroom; The Laboratory
Dillon Hall And St. Denis Hall
Dillon Hall And St. Denis Hall
Editors Of The Review 1908
Editors Of The Review 1908-1909
Father Marseilles
Fixers Of 1920
Graduates, 1915
Handball Alleys
Hockey Game At Assumption College
Hockey Game In Front Of St. Denis Hall
Is Zat So
Johnny Klich
Library In Dillon Hall 1939
Little Yard?
Main Corridor
Minstrel Show
Most Reverend Denis O'Connor
Mystery Man
Nig Clarke
Officers Of St. Basil's Literary Society
Old Club Room
Original Assumption College 1866
Original Plan Of Assumption College
Pie Eating Contest?
Pole Vaulting At Assumption College
Purple And White 1929-1930
Reference Library 1930
Sandwich Schools And Churches 1. Assumption College 2. Church Of The Assumption 3. St. John's Episcopal Church 4. Public School 5. Sandwich Methodist Church 6. St. Francis Separate School
Senior Study Hall
Sleigh Riders
Soldiers And Senator Casgrain
South Campus
South Side of Campus
St. Denis Hall
St. Mary's Academy, Windsor; The Grotto At St. Mary's Academy; St. Mary's Memorial Church; Assumption College, Windsor
St. Michael's Hall
St. Michael's Hall 1920
Student Hanging Out Of A Window Of St. Michael's Hall
Students Studying In Assumption College Library 1930
Students Studying In Library 1940
Students Studying In The Library 1941
Tennis Courts
Theodule Girardot, Esquire
Tower, Holy Names College And St. Mary's Academy, Windsor
View From The Campus
View Of South Campus Looking North