Subject: Apartment Buildings

Alvin Apartments, 286 Pitt Street West, June 1958
Bali-Hi Motor Hotel
Bird's Eye View Of Windsor, Ontario
Board Of Education Building, 451 Park Street West, January 1954
Chilvers In Front Of The Grier Apartment Building
Eileen Apartments 1361 Ouellette Avenue December 1960
Galifi Grocery 401 Parent Avenue December 1959
Intersection Of Chatham Street East And Market Lane, Looking East, June 1957
Intersection Of Chatham Street East And Market Lane, Looking East, May 1958
Intersection Of Chatham Street East And Mercer Street, Looking East, February 1953
Intersection Of Ellis Street East And Ouellette Avenue, Looking West, November 1950
Intersection Of Hanna Street And Ouellette Avenue, Looking East, January 1952
Intersection Of McDougall Street And Pitt Street East, Looking North, October 1960
Intersection Of Mercer Street And Chatham Street East, Looking North, February 1953
Intersection Of Ouellette Avenue And Maple Street, Looking North, January 1953
Intersection of Park Street West And Dougall Avenue, Looking West, December 1951
Intersection Of Pitt Street West And Ferry Street, Looking West, June 1961
Intersection Of Tuscarora Street And McDougall Street, Looking East, September 1952
Intersection Of Wyandotte Street West And McKay Avenue, Looking East, June 1950
John Gilchrist Bakery 1362 Ouellette Avenue December 1960
Kay's Souvenir Store, 136 Wyandotte Street East, August 1960
Lees Mary Hair Fashions, 1380 Wyandotte Street East, August 1960
Ouellette Avenue Just North Of Hanna Street, Looking South, January 1952
Park St. Looking West, Windsor, Ont.
Park Street West Looking East December 1951
Peabody Bridge, Looking East, February 1952
Pitt Street West, Looking East From Bruce Avenue, September 1959
Pond's Drug Store Exterior 2000 Wyandotte Street West November 1957
University Avenue Looking East, September 1959
Unknown Building In Walkerville
Unknown Building In Walkerville 2