Handball Alleys

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Handball Alleys
Publisher: Assumption College
Date: 1915
Type(s): Photograph
Language: English
Source: The Dionysian : year book of Assumption College, Sandwich, Ontario, Canada, volume 1, 1915 / edited by the Graduating Class, 1915. Page 65
Notes: Handball was a popular sport among Assumption College students. On page 80 of Assumption College by Michael Power, there is a description from a former student from 1888 who wrote (in 1926): "The game itself was played in one of the rooms of the Old Building, the room which is now the middle classroom at the front of the building on the lower floor... It was a great day for the handball enthusiast when the foundation for the Handball Alley was laid about the year 1891. The structure was 90x30 feet, with an arched roof and hardwood flooring. It served the purpose for which it was erected admirably until 1914 when it was torn down to make room for St. Michael's Hall, which was built that year. Besides being used for athletics, the old Handball Alley was served as an auditorium for entertainments and dramatic exhibitions." Based on the photographs from the Dionysian, it is unclear whether the student was incorrect in saying the handball alleys were torn down, or whether the alleys in these photographs were new ones. The handball alleys were later upgraded in 1925. By 1930, they were situated north of St. Denis Hall.
Subject(s): Assumption College (Windsor)
University of Windsor
Assumption College (Windsor). Handball Alleys
University of Windsor. Handball Alleys
Place(s): Sandwich (Ontario)
Windsor (Ontario)
Rights: Public Domain
Repository: University of Windsor. Leddy Library
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