Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary

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Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary
Publisher: Sigal Brothers
Date: 1960
Type(s): Postcard
Language: English
Identifier(s): P14214
Source: Mike Skreptak Collection; Box 1
Notes: Postmarked 1961; 5 miles from Kingsville and 10 miles from Leaminton, Ontario, Canada; Jack Miner's homestead and Bird Sanctuary is located at 332 Road 3 West, Kingsville, Ontario; John Thomas (Jack) Miner was born in Ohio in 1865 and his family moved to the Kingsville area in 1878; in 1904 Jack created a pond on his property to attract geese, which marked the beginning of his bird sanctuary; he began tagging migratory birds in 1909; the Jack Miner Migratory Bird Foundation was established in 1931 in the U.S. and 1936 in Canada as a charitable organization to continue his legacy; Jack died in 1944; addressed to Mr. A. J. Scott
Subject(s): Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary (Kingsville)
Miner, Jack
Place(s): Kingsville (Ontario)
Rights: Public Domain
Repository: University of Windsor. Leddy Library
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