Mrs. Susanna Wigle, Deceased; John Wigle, Deceased; Mrs. Michael Owen
H. Belden & Co.
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b&w; 1973 reprint
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the Counties of Essex and Kent, 1880-1881. Toronto: H. Belden & Co., [1882]. Page 102
Captions: Mrs. Susanna Wigle [deceased], one of the 1st settlers in Gosfield Township; John Wigle [deceased], one of the 1st settlers in Gosfield Township; Mrs. Michael Owen, Township of East Dover, one of the 1st settlers; John Wendel Wigle was born December 21st, 1778 in Little York, York County, Pennsylvania and died January 28th, 1871 in Gosfield Township, Essex County. On February 9th, 1802, he married Susannah Scratch in Amherstburg, Ontario. Susannah Scratch was born on July 23rd, 1785 on Hog Island, Michigan. She died in Gosfield Township on January 29th, 1860. Mrs. Michael Owen (nee Roxey Peaslee [Peasley]) was born in 1806 [1807?] in Lower Canada and died February 14th, 1896. Her husband Michael Owen: "deceased, late of Dover East, emigrated from the "Fatherland" when fifteen years of age, and came to Western Canada in 1818. He took service with Col. Burwell, and was engaged in making the survey of parts of Middlesex County, including London Township and the sport where the flourishing city of that name now stands. About the same time he took up land in London Township, and settled just north of the present city, being among the earliest of the pioneers of that section. In 1838 he came to Dover with his wife (who was a Miss Peasley, born in Lower Canada in 1807) and six little children; locating on lot 17, concession 11, where he resided till his death in 1853 [1855?], universally respected by a very large circle of acquaintances." (p. 65)
Wigle, Susannah
Scratch, Susannah
Wigle, John Wendel
Owen, Roxey
Peaslee, Roxey
Essex County (Ontario). Gosfield Township
Kent County (Ontario). East Dover Township
Public Domain
University of Windsor. Leddy Library
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