Al Edwards Running For Windsor Collegiate Institute
Andros Restaurant and Coffee Shop
Assumption College Dramatic Arts Production, ca. 1925
Assumption College, Sandwich, Ont., Canada 1925
Baillargeon Log Cabin Near St. Joachim
Baillargeon Property At Pike Creek
Ball Grounds, Seacliff Park, Leamington, Ont., Canada.
Basket Making
Basket Making And U.S. Coast Guard Station
Bathing Beach, Seacliff Park, Leamington, Ont., Canada.
Bathing Beach, Seacliffe Park, Leamington, Ont. Canada
Bird's Eye View Looking East, Blenheim, Ont.
Border Cities Technical School
Border Cities, Ont., Canada
Bowling Green, Wallaceburg, Canada
Builder For Walker Family?
Car Ferry "Transfer," Windsor, Ont., Canada
Car Ferry Dock Windsor, Ont. (Connecting With Detroit, U.S.A.)
Central Bridge, Wallaceburg, Canada
Children's Play
Children's Play 2
Chilvers In Front Of The Grier Apartment Building
Collegiate Institute, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
Corner of Pitt St. and Oulette Ave., Windsor, Ont., Canada 1925
Dalhousie Street, Amherstburg, Looking North
Dance Pavilion, Bob Lo Island Park, Canada
Detroit Car Ferry From Windsor, Canada.
Detroit River Scene, Amherstburg, Ont.
Devonshire Race Track, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Devonshire Road, Walkerville, Ont.
Dominion Beet Sugar Factory, Wallaceburg, Canada
Duncan Street, Wallaceburg, Canada
Ferry (Promise) Between Windsor, Canada, And Detroit, U.S.A.
First Baptist Church, Wallaceburg, Canada
First Presbyterian Church, Wallaceburg, Canada
Ford Motor Co., Ford, Ont., Canada
Four Baseball Players
General Amherst High School, Amherstburg, Ont.
Giles Boulevard, Looking East, Essex County War Memorial In The Foreground, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Grace Hospital, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
H. J. Heinz Co., Wallaceburg, Ontario
Hanging At Windsor Jail [After]
Hanging At Windsor Jail [Before]
Harry Duniont, Baseball Player
High School, Amherstburg, Ont.
Hotel Dieu Hospital, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Irene's Sunday School Class, St. Mary's Church
James Street, Wallaceburg, Canada
King Edward Public School, Walkerville, Ont.
Lanspeary Park, Windsor, Ont, Canada
Leamington, On King's Highway No. 3, Ontario, Canada
Library Park Bridge, Wallaceburg, Can.
Library Park, Wallaceburg, Canada
Loyalist Log Cabin
Masonic Temple, Windsor, Ont., Canada
McLean Beach, Colchester, Ont.
Memorial Park, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada
Mersea Township Hall
Methodist Church, Wallaceburg, Canada
North Side Schools, Wallaceburg, Canada
Old Soldiers Monument
Ouellette Ave. Looking South, Windsor, Ont.
Ouellette Ave., Windsor, Ont., Canada, Showing Detroit In The Distance, 1925
Ouellette Avenue Looking North, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1925
Ouellette Avenue, Looking North, Showing Detroit In The Distance, Windsor, Ont. Canada
Ouellette Avenue, Looking North, Showing Detroit In The Distance, Windsor, Ont. Canada 1925
Ouellette Avenue, Looking South, From Between Pitt Street And Chatham Street, 1925
Palms And Catholic Church, Wallaceburg, Canada
Pere Marquette Depot, Walkerville, Ont.
Pitt Street, Looking East, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Post Office, Walkerville, Ont., Canada
Post Office, Windsor, Ont., Canada
Post Office, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 1925
Presbyterian Church, Comber, Ont.
Prince Edward Hotel, Windsor, Ont.
Prince Edward Hotel, Windsor, Ont.
Prince Edward Hotel, Windsor, Ont., Canada, 1925
Prince Edward Hotel, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
Public Library, Essex, Ont.
R. C. Church And Rectory, Woodslee, Ont., Canada
Race Track, Windsor, Ont.
Rose Arbor At Jack Miner's, Leamington, Ont.
Rum Running On Pike Creek
S. S. Rapids King, Wallaceburg, Canada
Sandwich St. Showing Our Lady Of The Lake Church, Ford, Ont.
Sandwich Street, Looking East, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
Seacliff Beach And Walks, Leamington, Ont., Canada
Simpsons Gully, Lake Erie Road, 16, Windsor to London.
Soldiers Memorial, Wheatley, Ont.
St. Mary's Choir At Boblo Island
Steamer Claremont At The Do. Sugar Co. Plant, Wallaceburg, Ontario
Steamer Greater Detroit
Street View, Colchester, Ont.
Talbot Settler House
Upper Portion Of Belle Isle, Peche Island And Canadian Shore, As Seen From An Aeroplane, Detroit, Mich.
Ursuline Convent, Wallaceburg, Canada
Victoria Road Looking South From Niagara, Walkerville, Ont.
View of Detroit, U.S.A. From Windsor, Canada
Vocational School, Chatham, Ont., Canada
W.F.C. Team
Walkerville Collegiate Institute Boys Basketball Team 1925
Walkerville Collegiate Institute Boys Soccer Team 1925
Walkerville Collegiate: Ontario Girls High School Basketball Champs, 1925
Walkerville Ferry
Waterfront Scene, Amherstburg, Ont.
West Side Queen Street, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada
Windsor Collegiate Institute Boys Basketball Team 1924-1925
Wyandotte Street Looking West, Walkerville, Ontario
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